Another scammer from the ALEXANDRA VIGGO OR ALEXANDRINE VIGGO platform


Hello, a person asked me for a friend request on my instagran and I saw the profile and it seemed to be normal, a single father raising his daughter alone.

We started talking and I saw that we had many things in common, both alone for a long time, with young daughters, and in search of love. He told me that he was an engineer and was participating in a tender for maintenance on an oil platform, in two months I followed the whole process, every step he took in relation to the process he sent me documents.

We talked every day, every hour, until I decided to switch from instagran to whatsapp, and he took about 2 days to add me, but soon we started talking a lot, he was very attentive and treated me as the most special woman on the face of the world. Terra, worried about my daughter, told me that he had separated from his wife 6 years ago and that he was from Denmark and that he had moved to Brazil 8 months ago with his daughter who had full custody because the wife was a drug addict.

He woke me up every day at 5:30 am to give me the most special good morning in the world that was every day, one day I said I wanted to meet him that I would be off on a date and that I could go to Campinas to meet us. At first he said yes, but it was for me to disclose the winner of the contract.

Well, the winner came out and he would have to be in Rio de Janeiro that week so I wouldn't be able to meet him, but in the meantime we were already committed to making a thousand plans, he even made a couple of skype calls, and in one of them he even put his daughter to talk to me, of course only in English.

Well, the day came for him to go to Rio DE Janeiro, he told me that
he would meet with a consultant and hire the workers to go to the platform, a warning light had already turned on, but on that day the siren rang, as there was no contract and the men were going to embark the next day, and they were also going to buy the materials, all at the last minute. I'm just a buyer and I know that things don't work from one hour to the next, and so the charm ended but I wound up to see how far it was going.

But in the meantime he sent me several pictures of him with his daughter and he even asked me to see a house to buy for us to live together as a family, but sometimes very subtly he asked me questions like if my house was his own, how many rooms my house had, if I had a car, what brand, did I have a savings account, but all very subtly, and I would respond and he would not continue the matter.

The day before the "boarding" he came to ask me to put me in his bank, I even asked him if we didn't have to be married for that he said he would see and as there was no one else and the daughter was a minor he couldn't put it in her name as a beneficiary, and that he would send me the papers to sign and I would have to send my documents.

I started to question him about some things and he started sending me photos to prove that he was really doing everything he said to do and that's when I really saw that it was just a scam, because all the photos were taken from the internet, hotel manufactures tubes of steel, videos of him going to the platform, but the worst was the montage he made like the ones here on this site, and I confronted him and he always denied it until he blocked me from everything.

Ladies, please don't trust men too perfect.

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