Anesthesiologist from Ukraine

by Anonymous

This guy I met in dating app Aisle, claimed to be from UK and studied in King's College London but a native Indian named Aadhik.

We started talking on WhatsApp when he told that his mother deceased when he was 7 and dad working in UK in a bearing company.

He was posted in Ukraine for a 2 years program treating soldiers. This story was enough for a red flag but I wanted to check on it on what he does.

He told that he never visited India but then his photos were from a Cafe in Delhi. Attached photos. But surely these are stolen photographs.

I found that out with the Google lens option. When I confronted it to him he answered 'LOL, I mean I never had a vacation in India or visited as such but was there for business trip'.

He called once but was not ready for a video call. Reason given military base doesn't allow WhatsApp calls. He talked or tried to talk in a British accent. Ultimately he asked to move to Google chat within 3 days of talking on WhatsApp.

That's when I decided to block him out. I did not end up being exploited. Thankfully.

I would say to all, beware. You are strong. Don't be fooled emotionally. World has cruelty. Save yourself.

Don't open up to strangers.

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