Andy Mccallum (Half American, Half German.... LOL!!!!!)

by Marie

Texted on Instagram. "Hello Dear." Moved to Hangouts. STEAM cards is his vice. Send tons and tons of STEAM cards (a gift card Gamers use). Silky smooth talker.

Got a lie for everything. Amazing.


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Aug 05, 2020
Yep! That's the guy!!
by: Anonymous

Yep! That's the guy! He always lives where you live or nearby. Always working in the Gulf off Florida. Always needing you to send him money.

ALWAYS! I really hope no one falls for his LIES!! He is a professional THIEF!

Please beware everyone.

Jun 12, 2020
Andy mccallum
by: Lori

I have been talking to this man that has a nigerian accent that says he is German for 3+ months now. He got me to send him $500 & needs $800 more to get home! I told him that his reverse image says hes an oil rig scammer.

He claims someone stole his pic and his story! Says he lives where I do in Portland Oregon but working in the gulf in Florida.

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