Ameriplan not a scam

by Bob

Someone can join Ameriplan as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) for a small startup fee of $95 which will give you access to your back office and 5 websites.

There is a $50 per monthly fee which is paid against any commissions owed to you. Ameriplan does offer detailed and free daily training. As an IBO, you can make money two ways. One way is by enrolling members into the health plans. The second and most lucrative is by building a downline, via recruiting, into your organization of people that in turn do the same.

You then receive a portion of the volume accumulated in your group. Ameriplan has a pin system which allows you to be promoted up through the different levels thus increasing your override percentage of your team. What makes Ameriplan's compensation plan so attractive is that by enrolling members into the health plans or recruiting people into your organization, you are paid immediately which means you can receive multiple checks per month.

In addition, all monies paid are on a residual basis. Ameriplan's motto; work your Ameriplan business consistently for 2 to 4 years to earn a $100,000 lifetime residual income.

Ameriplan USA is not a scam. Ameriplan is a solid company with a good product that can be marketed with a good support system in place.

If you have a desire to recruit your friends and family, make repeated phone calls to prospects, post fliers around town, send out thousands of post cards and think you have the ability to recruit hundreds into your business, then Ameriplan may be right for you.

On the other hand if you are looking for more of an internet based automated system that does not require the calling and chasing of your friends and family, then Ameriplan is not right for you.

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