Mannatech is a great and reputable company. I have used the ambrotose many times over the years. I guarantee if people would try it, before they knock it, there would be a different story.

As much as I love this country, I hate that natural products that benefit people with cancer, are quickly attacked.

I suppose its because even if 99 out of 100 were healed, the son/daughter of the one that didn't make it would sue for false advertising. Nothing works 100% of the time and we should rave about products that help more than one person, even if it doesn't help everyone.

There are plenty of crooked companies, but this is not one of them.


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Sep 26, 2017
Then what is the logic behind this?
by: Anonymous

What is the logic behind this?

Has it been proven by non-biased, scientifically-based sources? (Sources as in plural)

Is it logical?

Plus, it did not save 99/100 people. If that was the case, Sam Caster would have won the nobel prize.

Plus, it clearly cannot cure something like down syndrome.

Cancer cannot also be that easily cured, as there is not just one type of cancer. There are millions of cancers. It's just like trying to find a cure for virus... instead of specifying which types of viruses.

Nov 13, 2016
Does not cure cancer.
by: Anonymous

The CEO stated that "Amborotose does not cure, diagnose or prevent anything". And by that, he means it does not cure cancer.
Taking Ambrotose and recover does not mean the recovery was Ambrotose's job. Trust me-Many many people who have eradicated cancer from their system never even heard of this "Ambrotose".

Dec 14, 2011
Thank you
by: Shelley

Thank you for your contribution. You are too right...

Its a natural product with proof on what it does for the body... but because our bodies respond differently, the process of the body correcting itself will be different to the next persons response.

God bless.

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