Amazing love spells by Stephanie Powers

by Mr DEE
(Montreal, Quebec Canada)

My wife left me after 14 years of being together. I wanted my wife to return to me. I saw this advertisement on the internet, so I phoned her up. She told me that she keeps in constant contact with her clients, to see the progression of her spell.

She charged $275.

She asked me to make it in the name of Tina Adams (I guess it's her real name). So I decided to do that. She never called back. Her answering machine was always full. One day I decided to text her.

I found out that she had numerous aliases, such as READINGS by Anna, Mrs Kennedy tarot readings, Tina Steven PSYCHIC.

How did I figure this out....EASY, it was the same voice on their answering machine She immediately returned my text message. Her excuse for not keeping in touch was that she fell sick and had family matters. I told her that I understood.

Would she still be willing to help me. She answered yes. This was in January 2014. I have had no answer since.

In March of 2014, I emailed her under an assumed name telling her that I saw her ad and needed her help. She answered with the same spiel.

Not only that I wish for her to go out of businsss, Psychics are very religious. If she is really a psychic,I hope she burns in HELL.


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