Alexander Jensen Smith Oil Drilling Engineer

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Alexander Jensen Smith was on Scrabble GO as Alexander S. He is no different to the other scammers on that gaming app. Straight to Hangouts where he immediately turns on the love only to find none on offer.

Says he is from Miami, Florida and currently there. Aged 50 turning 51 on January 15th. He only mentions children in a passing context but uses the plural "kids". He is struggling as my alias has said very little about "her" background.

Him: I'm 50 going 51 January the 15th

Him: I'm a drilling engineer and contractor.

At one point who I am speaking with appears to change. My alias said something and they took note. They slow it down and casually text but they are also phishing very well. After a few days they start with the YouTube songs and expressions of feelings for the victim. It is ignored and they become angry after my alias stays offline for a few hours.

There is no need to wait for the scam as one check of the images they're using and they are easily found. Whoever it is pressed on and my alias is now "beautiful" "princess" and "babe". Then I drop offline for 8 hours and with that all their insecurity about not controlling you on Hangouts pops up;

Him: Hey beautiful

Him: Why are you ignoring me ? Is that how you treat a friend ?

Me: Ooh wonderful. A new year and I wake to a witch hunt

Edit: They hold off for a day

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: I'm good and you

Him: Hope you are doing fine

Me: That's good, I'm fine


Him: Going to sleep??

Me: No

Him: How
was your outing ?

Me: Good thanks and your new year?

Him: It's was fun

Me: Great

Him: Why were you ignoring?

Him: And you also resign our game on scrabble go

Me: No I didn't

Him: You did

Him: Check if you will still see our game .

Me: I don't resign any games (They've blocked my alias)

Him: You said something about witch hunting

Him: Which I don't understand

Me: You said I was ignoring you

Him: Is that the reason you choose not to reply my messages?? I've replied to all

Me: Really?

Him: Yes you did ignore me, I was wondering if it was my late reply to your message

Me: So if I have you right. Living my life away from this app is ignoring you?

Him: No

Me: Do I have to be on this app every day?

Him: Well that is that just have to go with the flow..

Me: You can't say I'm ignoring you.

End. We've not told each other hardly anything about who or what our aliases are. They want love (and something else) no matter what and the above is a good example of them early on wanting to control the victim and guilt trip them into thinking they're being unfair by;

1: Simply living their life off an app for 8 hours
2: I can't see where I've not replied to a single message of theirs.
3: It's all my fault I'm not replying in their view
4: My alias refuses to commit to the app every day and they walk away

Email in use:

Full disclosure: I've edited out one thing my alias did. IMO that is why who I was speaking with changed.

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Nov 06, 2023
Insta unter Peter Franz Turcotte, Peter_Franz00
by: Anonymous

This gentleman is on Insta under Peter_Franz00, and his name is Peter Franz Turcotte. He sells himself as a German-Canadian, so his German isn't that good. He is self-employed and lives between Switzerland and Germany. He has two children, is divorced, his children live with their grandparents in France because his ex-wife has been in a clinic as an alcoholic for years.

Thank God he didn't cheat me out of money. However, I got everything figured out within 1 1/2 weeks after he kept sending me pictures of himself.

After a few days, Princess, Queen, my beautiful one came, I want you by my side, I will carry you to heaven, you are sweet as honey etc. etc.

He is traveling in Switzerland, Germany, France, Morocco too, but he makes time for a partner, wouldn't travel so much anymore and would always be by my side. I saved his life, before there was only darkness for him. He uses images of a model and actor.

Apr 02, 2022
Scammed me in thousands of money
by: Anonymous

I have personally been scammed a lot of money out of this man. He also goes by the name of Scott Davison.

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