Alex Zhang, sent me a friend request through Facebook

by SS

Because my cousin was also a friend I accepted him (and to be honest he was good looking). He did not know her. He was on Facebook to get more "knowledge".

Soon he called me "dear".

Everyday he sent a message during lunch break or at midnight and he will wake up to do his paperwork to make me feel important.

Told me he is an OIL RIG ENGINEER for 15 years at a company called ENI. Born in Shanghai, moved to Sweden, Lund when he was 5 years old. Currently on a project in Italy.

He had been divorced since 2019.

On the second day he asked for my WhatsApp, I declined many times, but he kept pushing because he wanted to get to know me. RED FLAG!

After 2 weeks he confessed he was "in love" with me, and the day after he said he dreamed kissing, hugging and having sex with me.

Then when I wanted to check him to hear his voice, he said ok but "suddenly" the door rang....he never called...

I googled his name and came to this site.

At once I blocked him.


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