Alex Ramos United Nations Syria / Israel Doctor Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Met an Alexander A on the game and username is Dr A. He isn't very good at doing this and the details on who he is are very thin even when asked. Questions are avoided or ignored with his focus on love. He says he isn't in an army even though he is with the UN and said he's in an army. He is on contract and nor can he ever say if he is in Syria or Israel.

He is 53 years old with a 19 year old daughter called Lenya. An orthopedic surgeon but he sends pictures of a dental surgeon. From the United States but doesn't say where. He is unable to ever name a hospital where he works. Any doctor can do that. This person just says "It not an hospital to treat only UN workers babe" and that doesn't make sense.

He loves you and after a week of that he gets to his scam. He fluffs that too. In the same message he says he stopped to help a civilian girl in the street and a few lines later refers to her as him. He says the UN won't pay the cost of broken medical equipment and that he is needing $2000 to cover it. I offer to pay him via bank transfer. He can't do that and wants Bitcoin.

That is understandable as the real person doesn't have any U.S. or Israeli bank accounts. Just Nigerian. With this scam we can learn how they try to get a victim to use Bitcoin if they haven't before.

Him: Sweetheart something crazy happen my love and I'm so confused and restless darling
So sorry dear I just imagine how busy your work is my love, always try to make time for your self babe

Me: babe what is wrong?

Him: Sweetheart my duty here I'm not allowed to offer medical assistance to civilian or members of the public babe and we run into a situation a baby she was dying, I stop the car and offer help and the UN soldiers try to stop me babe and I told them not to worry that I will take responsibility of every thing I use to treat him and they even try to prevent me from using the medical department that it was not for members of the public I press on and I use it my love to treat the little girl and I was giving permission to use the equipment to attend to the girl that was two days back babe

Him: Yesterday morning the babe was okay and her mum have to take her home few hours I try to use one of the machine I use on her it bad and it not working I try to fix and check what was wrong but I couldn't do anything I called the man in charge of the machines to check and he told me it was bad babe

Me: Hmm okay babe is she fine now?

Him: Instantly I was called by the camp General that after going through the cameras on the medical department that I was the last person that use that machine and I requested for me to go through the video tape as well but he refuse and told me I've already go against the rules to treat the little girl now I damage the machine that I'm to replace that machine in due time babe

Me: Ooh so what will you do babe?

Him: Sweetheart I'm so confused and I can't have access to funds as long I'm out of the states I've to be in the states again before I can have funds my love
I try to reach an old friend and he told me so much is happening in the states that he can't help me with that amount of money now that business is down

Me: so which hospital have you been in babe?

Him: Sweetheart it just a building where the UN use as medical centre my love

It is all lies from him and not very good ones either. He won't say where he
is nor a hospital. Now he wants Bitcoin and I'm to go to a ATM and pay. No, I use a Bitwal from another scammer.

Me: Oh okay so why you have to pay for the equipment?

Him: I even told my friend I will pay back with interest as soon as possible but he told me he can't that the money left with him is to take care of his family
Because I use it on the little girl babe that was against the rules my love


Me: Well okay but what you going to do about the equipment?

Him: First get someone to work on it my love
The guy in charge told me something was bad inside that it have to be change and it will cause $2000 to get and fix it babe

Me: that all babe? I thought medical equipment was expensive.

Him: Sweetheart that was to fix it my love

Me: Okay babe


Me: Okay babe send it here and I'd like a bank account babe. I'm off for a break take care babe

Him: Okay dear and please take good care of yourself my love

Him: Hi sweetheart I talk to the guy in charge how he can receive money from Australia and he can receive it on time my love so he can fix it babe
Sweetheart I was busy in the medical department I just return back from the medical department dear now in the office my love
Sweetheart he told me that you can use digital currency to send the money and he will get the money within mins babe that is the fastest options my love babe so you can buy bitcoin and send online babe

Never pay anyone you meet online this way

Me: no babe I didn’t say anything about crypto currency I said a bank account number so you can send me yours good night babe

(Edit out him throwing love emojis, GIFs and a picture of him having a beer)

Him: Sweetheart I went to ask him again and he told me that is the fastest and best way babe
Sweetheart he tell me he can assist and show you how you can purchase it with either with your phone or you can as well use bitcoin machine close to you my love
Sweetheart just use your Google Search for the nearest bitcoin machine close to you my love
Then I explain to you how you can use the machine or the site to purchase bitcoin my love

Never think about doing what he says

Me: Oh babe I've been busy. I'm not using some ATM babe! You have Bitcoin so you have a Bitwal I'll send you mine and am waiting on yours


Him: Hi sweetheart I've my love

Him: Good morning my love how are you doing darling hope you having a beautiful day with you darling

Him: This is mine darling


Me: babe I sent it to the account you gave me. Why can't you get that?

Him: Hi sweetheart

Him: Good morning my love

Him: Sweetie you send the bitcoin to the address I gave you my love

Him: Sweetie can't find anything on it my love

Him: Babe you have to fund your bitcoin wallet so you can able to send to me dear I can't find any balance on it my love

I haven't sent a thing and never will. What a shame another scammer has an empty Bitwal and it is clear this person is well versed in crypto currencies. If you are ever asked or told what to do with Bitcoin like above just don't do it.

On we go. Me at his lies him in denial. He can't name a street, doesn't know the USA, can't name the medical camp or general demanding he pay for broken equipment. He changes countries in 4 text exchanges with no explanation.

Soon he admits that he's not in the Middle East and is a 26 year old Nigerian called "Golden" it appears his real name is: Enomah Golden Godspower and his personal Gmail is:

Email used;

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Oct 13, 2020
Two More Red Flags
by: Biggles777


Good on you for finding this site, here are two more flags that show he is a scam:

1: The United Nations has no personnel of any kind in Syria as it is too dangerous.

2: Copy and paste the link below from the UN themselves into a new browser window. You'll see that they never ask an employee to have someone fill out or pay for a leave form or many other things.

The scams are so common the UN has their own warning page.

Oct 12, 2020
Dr. in Sryia
by: Anonymous

I got a Dr. from Linkedin connected me and then he deleted his account from Linkedin. He told me he is a orthopedic surgeon in Syria and only can chat with me by message, since Syria government is very strict for live video chatting. And after just a few days chatting and we shared our pictures, he told me he is a single father with 12 year old son from CA.

His English wife betrayed him and slept with his friend. So he gave a small house, a car and $35000 to his ex wife. He wanted to find a good woman who makes him happy and love his son as her own. Then he suddenly needs a request for a vacation to go back to the states. But the vacation department needs his family member to fill a form from UN. Then they can approve his vacation. So, he let me request his form to the vacation department as his finance. He only texted me via message and we even didn't see each other via phone or video chatting. How can he love me so much and can't wait to see me in the states? He stopped me talking with my parents and friends about our story.

All my friends say to me that he is a scammer! Too many red flags here!

Aug 23, 2020
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your posts. When we arent familiar with bitcoins its confusing. At a point in my encounter after gift cards, bitcoins became important. That I left it alone. He also knew it well and tried to manipulate me.

Ladies dont fall for all this, even if you are familiar with it. I had never heard of these scams. Please report these thieves. You come away with broken heart and finances. Some day they will receive payment due for their deeds on the innocent.

Be careful

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