Alex Degoray

by Anonymous

He is Italian. He said that wife died eight years ago and has a 16 year old daughter named Stacey. She was in a boarding school while he was working on a rig. He said a girlfriend cheated on him before he took the three year job on the rig that paid him a lot of money so he can retire. Retiring rig engineer. Loves to cook and wants to find a soul mate and mother for his daughter. He wants to settle down with a women and travel.

Very romantic, makes you feel special, and loved. He will ask for money and when you refuse, he will turn on you. He will ask you to buy things for his daughter because he can't while he is on the rig. He will ask for a gift card for his research. He will send you a package with a ring and money, but you have to send them $2,000 in cash to get it.

ALL LIES!!!! He has to scam others. Beware of this guy!!! Very smooth and convincing!!!

LIES and more LIES!!!!

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