Add Marco Peters to the scam list OMG I had to check him out it did not seem real.

by cM
(Springfield MO)

I was contacted by this guy the first note;

Hello xxx

I dont know where to begin, I'm so glad you wrote back! Honestly I love the fact that you liked my profile. I like your too and am very skeptical about the online thing, but I am also hoping to find that special someone before I waste another minute! It's easier to write outside of the dating site which i think is more private here to talk ... I'm new at this Dating stuff .You definitely don’t put me to sleep; your profile is one of the things I am attracted to and a reason I would like to get to know you better. Well , I just wanted to give you a little insight in the life and times of me. I really don't like to talk about me, but if you find you can't sleep at night and need something to put you to sleep, wait till you read this. I'm a pretty straightforward person.

It takes far too much work to pretend to be what one is not. I look exactly like my pics no different ...I can't stand when people put pics of them and it doesn't look anything like them whats so ever. But I don't look at people for there looks I look at a person for their personality and their inner beauty because you can be the most beautiful person in the world and without personality or a heart your not a true person.

I don't paint a picture of who I am because what you see is what you get....I'm actually good looking and comfortable in my skin and self-confident. I'm happy with myself. The person I am is much more than how I look. I tend to believe that is true of most people...but then sometimes I meet people who are so focused on how they look, they can't get beyond that. There is so much more to life.

I love to laugh and I usually end up making other people laugh most of the time. I confess that sometimes I worry too much, though I'm trying to stop that, so I find that if I laugh and make others laugh, it gets my mind off things. Because I am a worrier, I tend to look for partners who are more laid-back, because they keep me from going too far. When I've had relationships with people who worry, it makes me worse, and then we just end up driving each other crazy.

I debated whether or not to put up a profile on dating website but my heart tells me to google dating site and I found this as one of the Most interesting site that would be okay for me because i read some of the testimonies shared online before putting up my profile.

I really didn't know if I was ready to jump into the whole dating scene (I was married for some years.) I knew I didn't want to be picked up in a bar or pick someone up in a bar too , because that only leads to one thing, and while I have absolutely nothing against that one thing, I'm also not a fall-into-bed kind of guy , and that seems to be what the women there expect.

I don't really care what kind of job my partner has, so long as she has one and is stable and happy in it. I'm not interested in having a whole lot of things, I've never been one to go shopping to make myself feel better or anything like that.


What scares you the most about opening you heart up ?

How do you spend your free time?

If you could change one thing about you what and why?

What first attracted you to me and why?

Lastly , Where would your first date be?

The one I got today It was good to hear from you. I don't like to have drama in my life so I stay away from it.

I like to laugh a lot and do make people laugh. I also, make fun of my imperfections...what can you do? but enjoy and laugh. Before i forget (because i do that a lot-part of getting younger, LOL).

Be more focus instead of being all over the place.

Dear Chris, there's no greater gift than to turn on my computer and see I have an email from you, what an amazing and priceless gift to start the day off and as well as End the Night too, thank you!! :) I sit here in amazement and joy at the same tome wondering how true can this be pinching myself to wake me up thinking oh what a dream this must be, here you are right before my eyes, someone that a man dreams of everyday of meeting.

I don't know if I should scream in excitement or hide and close my eyes wondering how true this can be to actually meet someone like you, part of me wonder is it "REAL" can this actually happen. I am speechless but at the same time overjoyed with excitement
and anxiety.

How are you doing today ? I Just wanna know because i think of you so Much waiting for the day that am gonna be there with you .. I have learned through my hardship process to live my life day to day and not worry about tomorrow till that day arrives, but at the same time finding you gives me hope for yet another day wondering the possibility it can hold for us.

I have never been one to worry about what the future may or may not hold for me and the only thing I could want for my future is "TRUE LOVE" someone who I will sweep off her feet, take my breathe away every time I look into her eyes , see the joy of excitement in her eyes light up every time we are together, to be able to give all my love that I have bottled up in me in all these years, shower her with tons of affection, love, I want to be able to touch her heart in a way it has never been touched,I want the chemistry between us to spark off of us and for everyone to see how we glow with one another and make them want what we so much LONG to share, in our hopes, dreams, friendship, chemistry, communication, faith, desire to find and seek an love that we have only long for or dreamed of in our dreams. There is no price you can put on LOVE and I won't stop until I find that rare and unique gift that I long for and desire.

I don't want to know when or if or how who would propose to me. I want it to be everything I ever wanted. want it to be so romantic like no other and I want the same for my wedding, that when all our guest are seated they will be able to feel the love in the air and I don't want a dry eye, I want a beautiful outside wedding right before sunset takes, white lights and lots of flowers, I want that dream wedding. Yes I do want to get married again "ONE DAY" when I know I have found "THE ONE" person that I can't live without.

I am a huge giver and always will be, I like to be full of surprises to others, to give them my love, kindness, spirit, my faith, admiration, my heart, and soul.

I believe everything in life happens for a reason and GOD won't give you what you can't handle. There are no words that can describe how I will make this person feel and all I want is a chance to give her the love and support everyone dreams of having and wanting.

It's really hard to find a person that is interested in a possible long term relationship and not just a one night stand. I am looking for a best friend and partner.Since the bar scene isn't really my thing, I'm looking for a way to meet some new friends and hang out.

We can talk about going outdoors, sports, a good book and travel, you are all I think of, long to meet to see your face when we set eyes on each other for the first time, your face and eyes will say it all, and it will be a moment you will always treasure.

Questions you need to answer?

Do you get angry easily?

What toppings do you like on pizza?

Do you often leave a mess in my room?

What kind of music do you listen to in the car?

Does it is easy for you to engage in conversations with people you have just met?

What is your favorite way to express your emotions of love?

Which would be the best fun filled family day for you?

When you are sad about something, how do you wish to be handled?

Do you like yard work?

What are your favorite holiday dishes?

Do you have tattoos?

Lastly , What's your favorite ice cream?

I think you are a good woman with a good heart and I love that you are able to express your feelings so well. I think we have great potential of becoming good friends and hopefully more....I definitely feel close to you when I write you,I write directly from my heart.

How do you feel?.

I enjoyed getting to know you too. You seem honest and caring ....really sad Now Because i was called Last Night that my Dad was ill In Nigeria and wanted to see I'm about to go to the Airport now to find out more about the Airfare Plus the available Flight to Nigeria before making an impromptu trip to him .. will get back to you once am back from the Airport before i decide on when to Leave and if possible i leave later tonight .

I will let you know as well and dont forget to E-mail before i left ..So feel Free to talk to me and would prefer talking to you and knowing more about you ..Have a wonderful day!!

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Dec 15, 2016
Sounds just like Mark Peters
by: Anonymous

My scammer of almost the same name bled me dry. I was a fairly new widow and honestly thought I would be marrying this man soon.


I still hate myself for being so stupid.

May 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

This letter sounds just like mine from an Alex Morgan

Mar 07, 2013
It happened to me too!
by: Beth

I had the same person, it sounds like, contact me from the Zoosk dating site. Our emails went just like that only I fell for it and ended up losing money and creating financial problems for my parents and I.

He sounded so genuine and real. I talked to him on the phone too.


Oh by the way I filed a complaint with the FBI.

Dec 13, 2012
USA men and women are stupid
by: Anonymous

Hey, you all speak of scammers! Have you ever asked yourself these questions. If these people appear as themselves physically to you, will you accept them for saying the truth?

Have you ever had these saying "when someone meets a right one, it turns out to be a Friend and when they meet the wrong one's and finally fall in love with them, getting their heart broken! Then it turns out that all guys are the same.

Scammers must live cos we US citizens don't know how to show love and care to our loved one! So these people know that the only thing we do is get divorced, separated, or been a widow. Its everywhere in US!

Let the scammers enjoy. You can never stop them....

Nov 04, 2012
you are very wrong
by: Rachael

Yea, My boss, has always been a victim of this, someone is using his identity to do all this trash, and I pray karma catches up with the person soon.

He is who he is and he is my boss too, so please try to get this thing out of here, its not him, ok, and why dont you stay off the dating sites if you dont want troubles for yourself, there are so many wicked people out there who are willing to destroy the other person image cos of nothing.

And on a rather bad side, you are destroying his image here, ok, i know how you must have felt about whoever it is that contacted you, but also, someone else owns the image they're trying to destroy, please look into this and see reasons that the innocent should not be the one to suffer for it here.

The person whoever it may be, would be somewhere relaxing and watching this drama. Just remove his name from here pleae, you can leave all the meassages you were sent, but remove his name " marco peters" from this site, thank you

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