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Beware ladies as this one's name is ADAM PALUMBO (so he says). Met him on Coffee Meets Bagel. SUPPOSEDLY a chemical engineer who's been in (YOU GUESSED IT) TURKEY since just before Christmas. Says his wife died "sometime in 2013" and I asked him "what you don't know the exact date your wife passed? Because that's a date one NEVER forgets".

He told me "It's taken me this long to heal so I don't want to rethink and sink back into despair".

Wouldn't tell me how she passed, or from what. Started talking to him on Jan 1, and by Jan 6 he wants to buy me a ring, marry me, and have a life with me (sound familiar?). Oh, and says he has a daughter in New York named Abby. Was SUPPOSED to fly home to Los Angeles on Jan 7, after inspecting and turning over a vessel that's anchored off the coast in Turkey.

Stated the inspection went flawlessly, BUT when he went to turn everything over, SOMEHOW there was a $15,000 fee due in order to let the ship sail from Turkey. Can't let the ship keep his 100,000 barrels of crude oil without it being sent on it's way. Says he's asked "friends" to help him with the funds needed because #1. he can't get any extra money from HIS bank due to no income increase since his LAST credit increase in October; and #2 he spent $8,000 on a ring to give to me when he arrives home as a "surprise proposal" (is this guy an idiot or what).

Last night started HOUNDING me (and I mean HOUND) for the money. Even had the NERVE to INSIST I ask my kids for the money and he'd pay THEM back. Told him to ask his daughter for the money. Says she isn't one who could be
relied on for such a thing. Told him to take the "ring" back and get his money back. He said "Fine I can, but I still need the other half. I swear on my life I'll pay you back, I'm not a phony or a scammer, girl listen to what I'm saying to you. I'll even sign a promissory note guaranteeing you you'll get your money back in 7 days time". Told him get the money back on the ring, go to the Port people, show them the money, and tell them it's all you have and sign a promissory note to THEM that as soon as you touch down, you'll wire them the money from your account. Said he would and he'd let me know the outcome. Again, you guessed it, I've heard NOTHING from this phony.

I've done image searches on him, with no luck. He has a VOIP phone number. Unable to GOOGLE him, find him on FB, or any other type of search engine. Says he's from Monterey Park, turns 61 on Feb 24, and is retiring after this job. (again sounds familiar?).

This guy is a poor excuse for a scammer. Almost laughable. Says he packed extra ("stuffs) in his carry on (yeah sure--you're going to be in another state, then ANOTHER country and EVERYTHING fits into a carry on). Says "I'm loosing it here babe cos I've invested 1.1 million and it's against my mortgage". IF he's such an expert at his job, why can't he spell decently? Also said his father was Romanian, mother was Irish; both deceased, no siblings (ALWAYS THE SAME STORY).

Don't let this guy fool you. He's attractive, seemingly convincing for the first few days, but then, it's "I love you, I want to marry you, and spend my life with you". ALL WITHIN A MATTER OF DAYS.


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Jan 22, 2019
4 timed scammed on coffee meets bagel
by: susan (again)

All I'm looking for is a nice man to meet not all these frauds asking for money or things. I would never give anyone anything including money. Never met any of them & never will.

3rd one on a plane, needs an iTunes card. The next day I texted him & asked him if he exploded or anything from not getting the iTunes card. He said I treated him terribly! Ha!

4th guy asked me to help pay the cmb app so we could keep texting. Why can't we talk on our phones????

Scammer that's why.

Jan 12, 2019
by: Anonymous

This "LOSER" now thought he should take his game "ONE STEP FURTHER". (I thought I had him blocked". He decides to send me a text with a couple of photos (nude actually) saying he's going to expose them to the "internet and bloggers for my kids and family to see".

While I did send him a couple of pictures, there is NO WAY I sent any nude photos. This guy/person wants $5000 sent to him through a BITCOIN ATM to avoid him "leaking to internet".

"Pay $5000 or face the consequences P.S this is not a threat".

Well what is it then? Complete and utter fabrication on his part. I've already sent the info to Coffee Meets Bagel, and informed them should anything be posted that are obvious photoshopped pics of my head, I will notify local authorities they actually ALLOW scammers of all types to troll their dating sites and do nothing to monitor the safety and ell-being of others.

I told him he obviously does this for a living and he responded back "no I don't, desperate times call for desperate measures".

His writing is terrible, so he obviously is a Nigerian with limited writing skills and does NO proofing whatsoever.

This is what's out there---people who look to ANY means to extort money from people, threatening with "exposing" pictures of photoshopped pics to try and ruin a person, and include their family members in a way to gain monetary compensation. I did notice my FB location to be different late last night than my actual location, so now I am wondering if my FB somehow got hacked?

Pictures could've been stolen from there I'm sure....but there is NO WAY I am paying "ransom" to enable this person to control my life. Lose my home? My life savings? Because he is threatening me? Nope.

People/women/men need to learn to stand strong and not let these criminals and leeches gain the upper hand. It's the only way.

Jan 10, 2019
Scammer said born in Germany
by: Anonymous

Your description sounds so like 2 men I recently "talked to on Words With friends game on my cell phone.

I am 84 years old , but they both said "age is just a number" and they were so interested in finding a woman to "settle down with" that age did not matter!

Davide Wagner a oil engineer on a ocean oil rig in Shanghai China. After some interesting conversation he finally asked for $500 so he could pay his phone bill!!! LOL

I said you have a good job in charge of 40 some men so you can pay your own phone bill. I do not send anyone any money ever and that is when I booted him from my phone!!!

I think these men have a school where they learn to flatter women who are vulnerable and looking for a companion!

They all sound the same!


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