A police officer said he got my money back from a previous scam

by Ninon Bertrand
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

He called and said they arrested the scammer and that I will get my money back. But I had to pay a fee for this antifraud fee, than ministry of finance and this requires money and stamps that cost always in US dollars.

He went to the bank to get a draft to sent to me but it never gets to me, he has to bribe the custom agent and again more money and the draft is given to a consulate member but never reach me so back to square one . More money demand for VAT tax for the amount and bank fee.

The bank tries to transfer the money but it is stopped by so call government and never reach me more penalties to pay more bank fees.

He tells me he paid part of it to help but that is a lie also.

He makes thing the time is a issue that the money should be sent right away.

Don't ask them to take the money from what they are suppose to send you because it is under your name and cannot be touch only be the recipient. But than and other story it has to go thru IMF which is the international money Fund and than you have to pay more fee and more stamps. All promises that the money will be sent to you but it will never be sent

So be careful : of the names:

John Osei, police officer in Accra
MAcvincent Jones police helper
EC Makku IMF agent in Accra
Hiamey Vincentia, secretary of the IMF born 02-05-1991 lives at Lapaz Road Achimota Accra
Ernest Yeboah, officer of the IMF

All these people are scammer all their stories are lies

This could go on for years and they will never let you go ... Harassment is their way to get to you and false promises and false paperwork with false stamps and signatures...

So never send money to no one they are all scammer

From a person who trusted and believe for a while...

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