A horrible experience! to say the very least.

by Denise Whisler
(Denver, CO)

We were totally taken advantage of by the Kirby sales people. They stayed for 6 hours altogether and we ended up purchasing it after many, many times of telling them no.

They were so inconsiderate that they did not even consider the fact that our son, who has severe Autism could not stand the sound of the vacuum and that we had to take him for his routine car ride. They ignored everything we told them and the trainee that was with the sales guy was sick as a dog and got us sick, he even asked to use our bathroom as soon as he walked through the door.

They absolutely refused to leave saying their supervisor was down the street and would be here in two minutes which actually took an hour. The trainee was on his phone the whole time instead of being "trained" as they said.

We are so livid by what they did to us and feel very violated as well. We are having financial problems but they did not care and kept up with the sales pitching and cleaning for hours. We had an electrician there at the same time and they took advantage of that as well so they could stay longer.

They stayed two hours after he left.

Avoid them like the PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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