6/1/19 - "Kirby" salesmen show up. Cops show up 20 minutes later.

by Charlie
(Albany, Oregon)

My fiance and I had just gotten home from running some errands around town when we heard a knock at the door. My fiance answered the door and was greeted by two young nicely dressed young men - probably around the age of 20 or so. They start in with their whole sales pitch about how they will clean our couch and floor for completely free and that they earn $50 dollars for every house they clean.

They smooth talk my fiance into letting them clean the house. They say that they need to get their equipment and that they will be back in 15 minutes. Red flags immediately start going off in my head and I express my concern to my fiance. I tell her that I don't feel comfortable with strangers being in our house, taking pictures of our house and furniture, and violating our privacy. I told her that I would tell them no when they came back.

She calmed me down a little and said that it would be ok. I called the Kirby customer service line really quick and asked them if this was legit. They told me that it was legit, but that these salesmen work for a third party company and not directly for Kirby. Knowing that it was legitimate, I reluctantly agreed to let them come in and clean.

They came back and brought in a brand new Kirby vacuum cleaner, still wrapped in plastic. They were uncomfortably nice and over-the-top with us. They were asking us a lot of personal questions, like what we did
for a living, where we bought our furniture, etc. After about 20 minutes we receive another knock at the door. We open the door and see a cop standing there. He tells us that this is a complete scam and demands them to get our of our house.

The "salesmen" are noticeably uncomfortable and shaken, and begin slowly packing up the vacuum, making sure to put each piece back in it's plastic. I go outside and confront the "supervisor" sitting in the van and start taking pictures of him and the van. He gets very defensive and acts as if what they are doing is completely legitimate. One thing to note here is that the front of the van did not have a license plate. The back of the van did have a license plate, but also had a U-Haul hitch on it.

I went to talk to the cop who told us that this is a common scam where people rent U-Haul vans and go door to door trying to get into houses to scope them out. They also go to the nearest Walmart and purchase a Kirby vacuum cleaner to make it seem even more legitimate, making sure to keep it in it's packaging so that they can return it later.

Do NOT let these people into your house. Tell them NO from the beginning and don't let them try to smooth you into letting them into your house. They will take advantage of whatever kindness they can.

Shout out to the Albany, Oregon police department for being so on top of this.

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Jan 05, 2021
You are trippin'!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

you can't even BUY a Kirby at Walmart! The only place you can buy a new Kirby is from a Kirby dealer (who works for a vacuum store) or from a vacuum store itself. No, it is not uncommon for the demo person to go back outside and come back in in about ten minutes. Often the Team leader is driving the van, and the dealers are let out to canvas door to door on different streets so you can cover more territory.

If the van is in a different neighborhood, of course it's going to take a few minutes for them to call him and have him bring a vacuum.

And under no circumstances should a Kirby dealer EVER ask to take photos inside OR outside of your house.

Stop being paranoid. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Dec 26, 2019
There ARE Kirby stores
by: Anonymous

In response to the person who says Kirby is only sold door to door, wrong !! There is a Kirby store right up the street from where I used to work. HUGE sign out front that says "King Kirby Vacuum Cleaners", same store also sells other products, so I assume it is not owned by Kirby. BUT- you CAN walk in there and buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Jul 11, 2019
You sir are a liar
by: Anonymous

1.Kirbys are only sold thru in-home demonstrations, they are not available thru Walmart.

2. U-Haul is the largest installer of towing equipment. Doesnt make it a rented van, and I highly doubt a police officer would violate the law by announcing this was an illegal scam operation and not arrest those involved

3. If this really happened there would be a police report number. And I bet you dont have that huh?

4.my guess is these hardworking young folks showed you an amazing product and you decided the only way that you could afford it was with a financing option...and your credit was declined?

Jul 05, 2019
Kirby is legitimate- but there are true scams
by: Anonymous

It is true that Kirby is sold door to door and word of mouth. However, it is possible for someone to use this to gain entry for other means. Should someone come to your door, ask if they have a badge and business cards. There's no reason for them to take pictures of your personal property. As for the cop, his statement wasn't completely true either, Kirby cannot be purchased in Walmart. You can only purchase a Kirby through a representative of your local distributor. Of course there are some for sale online, but those are used and will not carry the Kirby warranties.

But just because someone comes to your door offering an in home product demonstration, it does not mean it is a scam. Kirby is only officially sold through in home demonstrations. Kirby only advertises by cold call knocking and word of mouth.

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