Xango, Xalo, Limitless, MB30. Doctors medical license twice suspended by state of Utah,New York Times 6/20/2011

by annon
(Salt Lake)

In an article in the New York Times June 6th 2011, the Doctor who is now promoting Xango's newest product Xalo remains on probation.

The article titled Hatch a 'Natural Ally of Supplements Industry' reports on a Dr Vaughn T Johnson who is at a Xango meeting promoting the product.

The reporter does some investigation into Dr Vaughn T Johnson and finds that his medical license was suspended twice by the state of Utah , most recently in 2008.

State records show for charges including improperly prescribing excessive amounts of narcotics or turning over his signed, blank prescription forms to a weight loss clinic.

As of the article date, he can practice medicine, but remains on probation. Xango's other doctors, Dr Morton and Dr Templeman,are direct relatives of Xango' founders , Joe and Gordon Morton.

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