Xango starting to fade away.

by harley

I have heard through a reliable source that Xango will soon join the hundreds of other Multi level Marketing Pyramid schemes that have bit the dust.

You know when a MLM company is starting to go down hill when they start making more and more goofy products with even goofier names.

Eleviv- A mood enhancing vitamin WOW!

Glimpse-Age defying facial and body products, WOW! Havn't heard that one before.

SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE VITAMINS! WOW haven't heard that before.

How many all natural super Vitamin companies are out there?

And now FAVAO.

What is it with Xango and the stupid Kooky New Age names? Do they think a cool hip name for an old boring cheap, useless over-hyped weight loss powder will make us all exited and plunk down hundreds of dollars to loose 2 pounds and then gain it back.


The once mighty snake oil company head honcho's who were treated like rock stars in fancy hotels are now doing meetings and Pot Luck dinners with people in their homes.

Shawn Talbott has been exposed as a chump who will make you believe that Cortasol will make you thin again. Sorry the FTC wasn't fooled and he was fined over a $$ million dollars.

Dr Templman and David Morton want us to believe that they just happen to be third party researchers who travel the world lecturing on the mangosteen.

Xango just happens to be founded by David Morton's brothers Joe and Gordie, And Dr Quackerman just happens to be David Mortons Father in Law.


It's not a surprise that this company will be done soon.


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Jan 19, 2012
not all companies are like that
by: Frank


Good input and you may be right. But do you think all direct selling companies are like that? I beg to differ and would love to show you how our company is different.

Email me your number at frank.fit4life@gmail.com and would love to explain.... no pressure my friend :)

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