Women Beware, do not Fall for this.

I met this Nigerian on line from Cambodia. We chatted for two weeks on the site we met on. We then started Skyping so that I was sure the person in the picture was the person I was talking to.

I gave a g-mail address as yahoo is to easy to hack. He did not ask for money but said he was a "a scammer of the heart". One day whilst chatting on Skype he pressed the contact button of one of his contacts by accident and she came on whilst we were on line.

When I asked he said he did not know her. We continued chatting as usual. I must admit he really knew how to woo a woman. Faithfully he skyped me every day, left the poetry and messages on my e mail.

Unfortunately we had a disagreement and he started playing with my emotions to end the relationship. He was never rude but unduly polite. I decided to go visit him unnannounced but I had to get an address so I had to let him know. He was happy and was calling me all the time until I lost service on my phone on two of the connecting airports.

After a day of flying and a late arrival, he was there waiting to take me in his arms. He treated me like a Queen that night. We partied with his friends at the best club. He and his friends wined and dined me. I really had a good time but little did I know I was being set up for a fall. After a few days a man pulled up and he said it was the man who came to collect the money for the lights and water and after he received a phone call, he had to pay rent, and next food had run out.

To be honest I spent three weeks there and the man never worked a day. I paid the bills as I was already there. His friends were in and out having a good time. I was wondering how
they survived.

One day in cleaning I saw a Western Union receipt from the same woman from Skype who he said he did not know. She was a worker in a church in Australia and she was sending him money every month end. I froze. I said nothing.

I returned home, as soon as I did I sent him a letter asking him to marry me as I know he did not have the means to do so. He started asking me for money to pay rent and his bills and 25K for a movie script he had written and wanted to produce.

He started insulting me when I said no.

I told him to get up and find work. He had picked me out from my profile and I am older than him by at least fifteen years. He never loved me although he professed his undying love for me. He knew I was well educated and had a good job with no strings attached.

He removed himself from Skype without letting me know. He kept his e mail address. I continued to correspond with his friend and his wife, all of a sudden they started asking me for money. I made excuses that I did not have any. They have stopped sending me any messages.

No one calls, skype or e mails' any more.

I am not an asset to them. I see his friends have now placed their profiles on the same site. He is no longer on. I did a reverse search of his name and he is on two sites. He has put a much smaller picture on one and a bigger picture on the other.

I did not pay for the search but I saw the pictures. Women beware of the Nigerians in Cambodia. Some of them are living with their wives and girlfriends or have wives and children in Nigeria and are just out to get your money.

Some are into drug trafficking and they are looking for mules.


Do not be fooled. WOMEN BEWARE.

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