witness to the tragedy.

by pour it down the drain


Yes it is a scam. The main doctor has lied about his credentials, as a background check confirmed, and also lied about his objectivity as it turned out he is a FAMILY MEMBER of the company.

This is a truly egregious offense, when he is also lying about the efficacy of mangosteen and Xango to people who are combating serious illness such as cancer, and an abuse of his limited credentials.

The company itself maintains this lie, pretending that dr. templeman has no relation to the company, but despite being a family member, he also is listed in federal documents under his political contributions as employed as...not a doctor...but a "XANGO EXECUTIVE".

Now, thats not just a typo.

Watching a family member die battling cancer is painful, but watching them plummet $120,000 into debt trying to make money and regain health on some scam artist juice hurts all that much more.

The income claims are just as deceitful. Look up the average annual income report for Xango, it really is literally less than a percent at the top who are taking practically ALL OF THE MONEY.

This is unforgivable unethical and should be taken very seriously.

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Jan 01, 2012
Xango's Sherman Unkefer
by: Anonymous

Don't forget about ex con Sherman unkefer, he tells everyone he was a banking executive and decided to go into multi level marketing because "things happen"

What happened? He bankrupted a precious metals company and as a result his investors lost $18 million dollars in the early 80's

Then he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

As the top earner for Xango he wants you to believe that you can become a millionare by purchasing his "Magic Wand" sales tools.

The only thing magic about the Magic Wand System is that it will miraculously wind up in your garage or in the trash that you give to people you want to recruit into this awful company.

These people are just the scum of the earth, they are predators, that will say anything for a dollar.

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