Williams Cravey on Words With Friends

by Biggles777

Am playing on Words With Friends and a man by the name of Cravey starts playing the game with you. He is not interested in playing and asks all the usual scam questions.

Such as, favorite color, have you eaten?, Did you sleep well? Etc etc. He says he is in the military and Kabul, Afghanistan on a mission against insurgents. He does the talking and question asking and ignores any questions.

Moves you to Hangouts and is hitting on you and writing the following;

Oh okay that’s nice I’m going on patrol now so let’s say later on I’ll text you alright
Just be safe for me okay my beautiful friend

My dear how was your night hope you had a wonderful night rest my lady?

Hello my dear, it morning again your time and we have to watch the sunrise, watch how the night skies fade away and how the sun takes over, may your day be as bright as the sun and when you need someone to talk to, always know i will be here for you. Good Morning my beautiful friend.

I have not shown any feelings or sentiments toward him and actually no interest in him. He sends a picture of Colonel Paul Cravey a retired US Miltary Officer with a web page stating he is not a scam and is not on any social media pages or online games.

WWF Username to avoid and block: craveywilliams478
Email: williamscravey@gmail.com

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