Tyler Barnett match dot com

by annie
(anywhere usa)

About a year ago I encountered Tyler Barnett on Match dot come. He quickly engaged me in conversation and the match was on. You see Tyler was one of the first I baited from Match shortly after Salvo Giovanni. Tyler's story is he is a Contracting Engineer awarded a contract in Turkey. Yada Yada.   

We shared calls and Text messages and he professed his love, like they all do. Well some stuff went down in Turkey and he needed some outrageous sum of money. I am never game to releasing money to a poorly executed story line. 

I wish I had his photos sent because I would definitely post it. I taunt and tease with random text emotocon's that any idiot would figure out where it came from. Well today 12/12 after sending a few random emoticon's he called and I answered his call and he said some stuff about how I lure men and some stuff I did not hear so I called back and left a voice mail or 2.

We got into a text match about motives behind baiting and fishing. I really believe he lives his pathetic story. So sad. Anyway he says I lure men on the internet like I am the predator and I was quick to remind him in a text that they all seem to come back for more.

You lure women to pay you money. I play with Scammers/Cat fishers for sport. Its hard to believe some women are stupid enough to give up hard earned money just because some jerk says I love you.  

Its all about how you execute your story line I guess. I DONT take money from men. I play with only the creme of the crop cat fishers and I dont waste my precious time with bottom feeders.  

I've made some friends of some along the way as well. Most call or text me for more. You made it seem like I lure men. I dont lure men. I dont have to ~  they come to me with open arms waiting to share there story and sad tale of woe. 

Too Bad Tyler lives in fantsyland and not the reality as he is a Thief and Scammer. 

That is reality. 

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