Travel Scam Ripoff

by Joseph

I am in Istanbul right now and I just got ripped off by Thomas-Ay. They are running an internet scam. They post false ads on Trip Advisor of beautiful properties.

When you contact the owner, they say the property is not available. They then redirct you to the Thomas-Ay web site and they offer you one of their "other properties." You trust them because you "believed" you found them on Trip Advisor. (They are very clever!)

On the Thomas-Ay web site they show you a beautiful apartment with a world-class view (TAKSIM - GALATA ANTIQUE DESIGNED FLATS

We arrived at Thomas-Ay's Galata Apartments to a filthy, stinky, abhorrent, grease-stained pigsty. Unfortunately I had my 80 yr old in-laws with me. Thomas-Ay requires you to pay through Pay Pal and thank God I chose the credit card option. $840 for 5 nights.

I refused to stay there and my tired 80 year old father in law had to pick up his bags and go hotel hunting with me late at night in Istanbul.


I sent them photos of their filthy flat and demanded a refund. They told me my photos are fakes and I could kiss off! My only hope now is that my credit card dispute is accepted.

I have photos and all emails with Thomas-Ay who I will gladly forward to anyone has been scammed by them or who wants to compare with their own eyes the blatant lies they advertise on their web site.

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