Tinder Scam - Tony Cheng, Engineer

by Anonymous

Met a Tony Cheng on Tinder just a week back and the interaction has been weird from the start.

His background is similar to many of the scam stories shared here, migrating to US as a child, had Ivy League education and working as a hot shot civil engineer now. When I tried to probe deeper into his past or childhood, he’ll evade or get offended.

He had agreed to meet up, but a few days before the meeting date, he mentioned that he had won a major project at a Sarawak oil field and has to stay there for work.

This has definitely triggered alarm bells and I quickly googled for similar stories. Thank god for this site to confirm my suspicions and I hope to pay it forward by sharing my story!

He did not ask me for money yet but it’s important for everyone to see the signs of a big fat scam!

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