Thomas Matteo is a scammer

by Anonymous

I met this man on POF dating site. We sent messages for a couple days online at the web site. Then he said he thought we might need to see where our meeting on the site could lead and asked to go to email. We exchanged email for about a week. Then he wanted to text.

We texted for a few days then he informs me that he is in Africa on a business deal and just last night he tells me that he has been robbed by some gun men and they took everything and that he needed me to send him an Itune card.

I blocked him after I sent a text letting him know that I knew what he was doing.

His email is

He is a scammer and he is one that will tell you all that love stuff. He does this in only a couple weeks.

Don't buy it.

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Aug 13, 2020
Tom Matteo is a scam
by: Anonymous

We met this guy on Tinder. We started talking on whatsapp. He told me he is a captain and he got stuck in Africa, there are pirates and it is not safe. He told me he has no way of getting help because his communication is cut. He can only use whatsapp.

He gave me his account information to send money to the spare part company. I did send the money but it didnt go through. He asked me to send myself the money and then send it to the spare part company. Unfortunately i did and scammed by this guy. Then the money of course didn't come and he told me to contact his bank. I also contacted his bank and gave many details about him. Like email, security questions and they told me his account got blocked.

He kept asking for more money because the part he got didnt work out etc.

Anyway HE IS A TOTAL SCAM and dont be an idiot like me and try to help him.

Oct 28, 2019
Thomas Matteo scammer
by: Anonymous

Was contacted by Thomas via tinder & within a couple of days he told me he'd removed his profile as I was the woman he thought he could be with after having moved to Australia to start a new life after his divorce.
He is a very good looking man (if the pictures s t are him so can catch your eye very easily) so has no doubt done this many times.
He asked to move to KIK (I'd never heard of or used this site before so was sceptical and realized it was primarily a chat room for hooking up.
He also sent lengthy, and I mean LENGTHY emails that were poor grammatically and very repititous in content for someone that was University educated.
When asked about talking on the phone, about his background or family he NEVER answered the questions.

His email is or on KIK Thomas_19609

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