This is real

by Jeanne Jurgens
(Roseville, CA, USA)

This weekend I was in Fresno with my daughter at the Walgreens on First & Ashlan then we walked to the liquor store next door. On our way back to our car there was a car lingering slowly behind us.

As we walked across the parking lot the car drives up two skanky looking women on the passenger side roll down their windows. One of them says hey do you like perfume? "I said OMG it is true you are for real" One woman tells the other they've heard...

For those of you who haven't heard there are bad people out there who try to trick women into smelling samples of perfume, they use a product that will make you faint/pass out then kidnap you.

We tried to locate them after getting into our car so we could get their license plate number and report them. Funny thing a police car was going by with siren on as we were getting read to pull out of our parking spot. (maybe that's why they vanished?)

Please please know this is still happening even now!!!! Please post this and share it on your page, tell everyone you know. Be safe...Even if I hadn't have heard about this sometime back I wouldn't have approached their vehicle.

NOT A HOAX!!!!!!!

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