Talent scouting agency called "The."

by Jessica Ramo
(Colorado Springs)

I heard about this "audition" on the radio. My son had placed interest, so I signed him up. He was so thrilled when I told him that he was chosen. But as soon as I accepted, they wanted me to get to a meeting to set up payment options right away. I felt a little uneasy, but my son was determined and hopeful. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to let him try it. Once we got to the meeting, I talked with some of the parents who had already spoken with the company and they told me to run, it was a scam. I can't believe these people are allowed to prey on the hopes and dreams of children and their parents who are more than willing to provide this opportunity for them. Now I feel humiliated for trusting these people and my son is devestated. Thanks "The".

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Jul 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

My wife and I took our soon to turn 6 year old to the designated location (Doral Golf & Country Club on Saturday (07/28/2012).

They're now calling it "The Event". There were several "red" flags. First, they rate the success (a whopping 86% when you’re at the event – the brochure however says 60%) on "call backs" not bookings.

They had videos of these poor kids and parents who shelled out between 2k to 8k who got 7, 18 even 23 call-backs...it’s all BS!

The interview with the Talent Agent is really just doing one thing…they're interviewing and assessing the parents on how they look and how they answer about their kid...in other words, do these parents look like they have money, what are they wearing, are they wearing designer clothes, are they well put together (including their kids) - that is the main determining factor if the kid is getting invited to participate in the event.

My kid also had to read a mock TV ad in front of a lady who was taping. LOL - more BS - First of all, that camera was a Brands Mart Special camera - no professional outfit would use such a piece of crap - the kids didn't even say their names, ages on the mock TV ad - how the hell would anyone know who is who when making choices?

They had some kind of rating / interview paper – no one filled out that crap – they didn’t even collect it from my kid. Smoke and mirrors my friends - that's all this is.

You know what they did a lot of …name dropping Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus and Zayne E. featured in their brochure, who, according to an investigative report, did not return calls when asked of his agent if he was discovered via “The Event”.

When I got back home and Googled “The Event” I found a bunch of investigative reports from various local channels throughout the country – just google “the event scams” and you’ll see plenty. I just can’t believe how they exploit kids and they’re dreams.

And you cannot blame the parents – they’re none-the-wiser. Most of the people around us didn’t even speak English – Spanish only – they didn’t translate jack – In fact, this little girl was translating for her Spanish speaking mother in the front row during the presentation and the head dragon running the show asked her to stop and translate when she had completed her presentation.

But now I know why they held it in Doral Golf and Country Club – it’s a privately gated community – it’s not public property – they would not allow for Al Sunshine or Help me Howard investigative teams to come there and blow the cover off of their scam.

I just cannot believe that in this economic climate when people are struggling to find work and are in foreclosure you have A-holes like this taking complete advantage

Disgusting! Beware!!!

Nov 06, 2011
The, aka. Tay or The Event
by: Anonymous

The actions of this group are similar to when I was young and roped into a sales job... we spent a few days training ( BS ) until they let us know the product... filter queen vacuums...

Our daughter was spoken to by a "scout" while at the Selena Gomez concert in Cleveland. Scantily posted signs (apparently not affiliated with the Disney production) pointed to an area where you could get an autograph by a Zoey 101 star... she got his autograph and was approached by the "scout" we got a call that she was "liked" by the scout for an audition for Disney.

At the audition they had some supposed talent, but after, they send you home with a packet describing a talent camp which is what you were actually auditioning for... not Disney... then they want you to pay a minimum of 3000- 10000 dollars for the package, if accepted... they also want you to make the decision the very next day... very slick... check more if you have a similar experience... fairly certain this is a scam

Sep 13, 2011
You can do something about this
by: Paula

I see many posts from people who felt that the advertising that originally lured them to make an appointment for this business was misleading.

If you want to see something done about this, please consider filing a complaint with the FTC. You can file one online at:


Jul 29, 2011
The comments on the agency "THE" is correct
by: Anonymous

"THE" agency should all be ashamed of yourselves, preying on innocent kids and taking families hard earned money!!!!

The comments on the agency "THE" is correct

I was introduced to THE at the Marriott Hotel in Pittsburgh they were asking me to commit to an average of $TWO TO EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS in fees with an additional mandatory $900 for me to accompanying my child which I thought way crazy and I told her that.

I also told her that my child has had agents that have never asked her for money so why are they. She said you can?t possibly think you can take your child to Disney for opportunities as well as national commercials for free that?s when I knew they were a scam and karma is a bitch!!!!

Apr 18, 2011
Scouting scams
by: Anonymous

Omg thank you so much for this information.

I recently took my son and daughter to the auditions offered by 'the' which was held at the Marriott downtown Detroit.

I began to think it was a scam when they told me that i needed to pay the money Monday if my children were accepted.

She said they offer no payment plans. I thought it was odd that they didn't give you anytime to come up with the large amount of money they were asking for.

The payment amounts range from $2000 to $8000 dollars. The economy is so bad now and hardly anyone has that kind of money to put out all at once with no payment plans on time to get it.

We met with this 'the' scouting agency on Saturday 4/16/11 which means that I'm suppose to come up with that kind of money in one day which is monday 4/18/11 by 11am.

Not possible, as you can't count Sunday because certain businesses are closed and by the time we left there Saturday, businesses were closed if they were open at all Saturday.

These people should be ashamed of themselves. You shouldn't have to pay money if your kid truly has talent, they pay you all expenses.

Apr 13, 2011
Thanks for warnings of the talent scounting agency 'The'
by: Anonymous

My 16 year old daughter is an aspiring singer, songwriter and has acted in many plays and musicals since the age of 8.

She has had lead roles (Brighita, Anne, Fan...) She has participated in many local and national competitions and auditions including The Next Star in Canada and placed among the top 40 twice.

She once had an agent in Toronto as well. After hearing about the auditions this weekend in Detroit on the radio, she was interested so I got her an audition. The lady on the telephone was quick to give me a time slot but did not give me the time of day to answer my questions.

I am aware that if it sounds too good to be true than it is.

Since her audition isn't for another 3 days, I decided to research this event. I could not find anything when searching auditions in Detroit at the Mariot Hotel... But I did come across this site and realised right away that we were dealing with the same organisation "The".

My daughter is at work right now at Subway. She was going to try and change some of her shifts to make it to this audition. When she gets home at 9pm, I will have to break the news to her. She will be upset but it will not hurt as bad as going through a day or two of auditions to then find out it is a scam.

I had told her that if they ask her to take any lessons or to pay registration to belong to their company... anything to do with money, that it is a scam so we would just leave.

We were already suspicious. But now, we do not have to wake up early Saturday and waste our day finding out what we already know thanks to this site.

So thanks for sharing your experiences.

It is too bad that some of you had to go through it and maybe even lose lots of money but you are helping others like ourselves by warning us. So thanks again and hopefully, someone will find a way to stop these people from stealing... because that is exactly what they are doing.

Apr 11, 2011
Broken Heart or Broken Bank Account
by: Laura

"The" came to Detroit this past weekend. Don't feel badly about getting suckered in, they got to many of us too, parents and kids alike.

What kid DOESN'T dream of being a star? And what parent doesn't want to give their child every chance of success?

Two of my kids auditioned and were so excited about the possibilities that I could almost literally see stars in their eyes.

The weekend audition was free (although in our case it ended up taking several hours and a lot of trouble), but then you have to pay thousands of dollars to actually get in front of real agents, casting directors, etc. in Orlando this summer with absolutely no guarantees.

This company has apparently gone by several names but the plan is still the same. Check out NedGam Productions LLC, and ACT.

After a lot of internet searching I finally realized it's a scam, and it broke my children's hearts when we told them the truth. It was either that, or our finances would have been seriously broken, and probably for no good reason.

Apr 10, 2011
THE talent agency aka NEW YORK STUDIOS
by: Anonymous

SLC audition April 9 Lots of hype with pictures and video of past events.

Totally gives the impression that this is your child's chance for a fast track of Disney Fame. In intro Lilica (scout) says that she has done this long enough to "know the look" if your child has it or not for Disney opportunities as well as national commercials.

Those who make the first cut will come back the next day for the callback (second audition). My daughter auditioned very well so I knew she would get a "call back".

Sure enough, today (Sunday)when she did indeed get the call back there was nothing said of a second audition--only asking for a time you can come in and "register" your child and telling you to bring your credit card because you have to PAY IN FULL today.

There was no mention of a second audition until I asked if she even needed to be with me when I come in to pay. And by the way if you choose to register the offer is today only--take it, pay the money or tomorrow your childs chance for a future in show biz is gone.

Once I asked if my daughter needed to be there she said kindof- an afterthought--oh yes. I asked if there would be any further auditioning as discussed yesterday and she said that there would but first I need to come pay my money.

The problem is that the kind of money they are asking you to committ to ranges from an average of $TWO TO EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS in fees with an additional mandatory $900 for the adult accompanying the child.

For my cousin who had two of her children audition it would be double that..so a possible $16,000 plus the mandatory $900 fee for the parent....

That is more money than many people make in a year.

Even still in hopes of it being a legitimate opportunity for my daughter I tried to find anything on the internet to confirm that this was a legitimate business.

Unfortunately the only thing about this company at all is the email address on their fancy pamphlet explaining the program--NOTHING else.

So I tried to google any of the names that they listed as their past winners that had booked jobs after their "big event" in a Disney Hotel.


Interestingly enough the name that they book the hotel with is New York Studios but that's not the name they will tell you. I am convinced that the reason that they call themselves "THE"--pronounced TAY is because you can do google searches for hours looking up "THE" and pull up a million things because many names out there are going to use the word "the" at the beginning of their business name.

So search under the other name "New York Studios"..Again, you will pull up many things under that name but none of them will be related to this one.

Mar 21, 2011
"THE tries to scam Boston"
by: Anonymous

This is the letter I wrote to the hotel manager that hosted "THE" scam artists called "THE" who were in Boston this past weekend:

"We were at your hotel this past Saturday for the "THE Talent Auditions" on the 4th floor or better known as "New York Studios".

I called the hotel Saturday night and spoke with the manager on duty, Samir D. to let him in on what I found out about this company. I knew these scam artists were going to be there again on Sunday so I immediately notified the Marriott Saturday night on my findings that they seem to be running a scam.

I attached the email I sent to "THE" talent agency. Their email address was the only contact information they provided which initially tipped us off.

I am appalled these people prey on children's hopes & dreams, and scam hard working families out of their hard earned money! Nobody should have to pay money if a kid has talent.

You are a respectable hotel and would hope that the Marriott would never lower their standards to host them again.

Mar 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

"THE" agency should all be ashamed of yourselves, preying on innocent kids and taking families hard earned money!!!!

The Marriott Hotel manager was contacted as well as the Boston Police. You are on watch and will be exploited. If you are going to rip people off at least hire nice, pleasant, attractive women...not bitches!!!

Where did your parents go wrong raising "THE" people to do this kind of job? You all must find it hard to sleep at night crushing children's dreams!!

Here are some nice articles for you to read, good luck karma works in funny ways:


By the way we knew it was a scam when this gmail was the only contact information!

If you are reputable I will get a response...if no response my suspicions are validated!

Feb 21, 2011
"The" is a scam

This weekend they came to Maine. I heard the ad on the radio for kids aged 6-17 to come to a Portland Hotel if we wanted our kids to be in the movies.

The ad asked if they wanted to be in a Disney movie or be in a movie with Justin Bieber.

The ad said the first 200 people to call get an audition so we called. The person on the other end told us they would be trying for the movie Secret Agent.

I set up an appointment and we took our 2 kids to an audition. One of the kids is a very pretty, little skinny girl, and the other is an 8 year old boy 5 feet tall 150 lbs. They are both beautiful to me.

Well the girl didn't get a call back, but the boy did. When I told this little boy he got picked he was so excited he cried.

We took him back and they told us they needed a minimum of $2845 for him to go to Orlando for him to meet 100 casting agents.

So I asked if we could do payments but they said no they needed all the money. Needless to say I had to tell this child he could not go cause we don't have that kind of money.

Jan 24, 2011
"The" big ripoff
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your posting Jessica. My kids were heartbroken when we told them we weren't going with it. We felt so bad that we were taken in also. People preying like this and destroying kids dreams should be put away!

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