Supposed Good Church Girl

by Jason
(West Palm)

I exchanged messages with someone on plenty of fish back in late February named Noelia. The account was nlc719 and she also made a new one named nlc2020. I was talking to her on her old account (719) and then poof disappeared.

She came with the new one (2020) and said her old account was hacked. So anyway ... she presents herself as a good Christian virgin woman in search of an Evangelist man to join her in a Protestant group involved in preaching/defending around the United States. I thought she was adorable and she really knew her scripture which was great for a guy like me.

So eventually we got to talking a bit more about meeting up to go to a witnessing event. She cancelled on me and said she needed to fly out to Texas for a funeral, but would get back to me when she got back. A week passed and then she said that things were complicated and she had to fly to Puerto Rico and then would be back in town after a week.

A couple weeks pass and it was around the second week of March and coronavirus had started to get everything shut down. So she messages me on POF and tells me that she should be coming back soon (the next day) and asked if I could pick her up at the airport so we can finally meet. I was ecstatic! The next day comes and she messages me early to tell me that her flight got cancelled along with all international flights. Her flight from Puerto Rico to West Palm was supposed to be 300$, but it got cancelled and tickets was being raised to 1500$ for a private charter plane.

She asked me if I can send her 900$ to her cashapp account and that she would pay me back as soon as she gets paid the following week. I asked her if she can do a video chat and she said sure, but an hour later she snapped at me saying she will not entertain such a "demand" and went on to lecture me for not trusting her.

I had a feeling it was a scam and not too long after that her account on POF disappeared.

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