Sherman Unkefer 54$$ million civil rico update

by Anonymous

Mr Unkefer has decided not to fight the criminal restitution order for $7.5 million dollars. It appears that that amount of evidence from the state of Arizona and the damaging testimony from witness's have been too much for the Wiley old con man to fight.

But just when you think that he has finally seen the light, he claims that he has always wanted to pay the CRO(criminal restitution order), but never was given a victim list from the state of Arizona.

And if you believe that, then I have some magical juice to sell you that will cure everything that ails you.

All that anyone has to do is look up Arizona Superior court docket and type in Sherman unkefer and you can find case history dating back to 2008 fighting the CRO on every technicality his attorney's can find.

When will this guy stop lying?

Be forewarned that Mr unkefer and his grand son in law are now distributors of Visi and are coming to a town near you with some more pyramid scheme scams.

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