Searching For Singles - Romance SCAM/Sexting @ $1 per Message

by MaximumMark
(Portland, MAINE US)

The searching for singles (dotcom) website is a business based out of a townhouse (rowhouse) in London trading as Hellerman Ltd. 29 Cooper Road, London, United Kingdom, NW10 1BG

The business model is to publish sets of photographs depicting male and female "users" who are supposedly real people looking for local sexual encounters. This rarely happens because 99.999% of the messages sent to unsuspecting new users are actually from paid "operators" who encourage sexting messages that cost the user $1 per 350-character message.

Photographs are provided as an enticement to purchase more message credits. It is apparent that there are only a few real subscribers trying in earnest to meet someone, but the odds are against it since the operation discourages any chance of matching by country, region or location and only if you include your real location in your profile can you expect to be found by a bona fide potential mate.

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