Scammers around every corner!

by Anonymous

I have come across so many scammers in the past few years. Some even put fake profiles with stolen pictures on local dating sites to make you think you are talking to someone local. They will talk to you for a short time then have to go overseas for a job, usually oil rig engineer jobs.

They will stay in contact with you for long periods of time gaining info and your trust. Then an accident happens or their work visa runs out, etc. Always a tragedy, then they start asking for help from you. They promise to come home and be with you forever.

They fall in love fast. Just remember that they are writing to many women, not just you. It's their job, scamming. I have stopped replying back to all of these jerks. If I don't see a face in front of me I know they are not real. They will waste a year of your life and mess with your mind. They will sleep deprive you and brainwash you.

It's what they do. And they are good at it.

So beware ladies. Let me ask you, would you ever ask anyone to send you a large sum of money? I wouldn't. Think about that.


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Mar 08, 2018
Scammers everywhere
by: Helen

I have so many messaging me. There were like 50 trying to friend me through a friends page. I just block them. They start asking all sorts of questions. Do you live alone? Do you have children? Do they live with you?

What do you do for a living.

You can tell by the way they write. They are getting these love poems and sayings from either the harlequin live books or internet. I would never give a man money. Oh hell no. They need to get a job. Know what real work is.

They are scumbags. Be safe. Do not give money to any man.

Ladies stay safe out there.

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