Scammer named Susan Vangalder

by Corina
( Collyer, Ks.United States)

She saw my ad on and said she was needing my services, sent me a fake money order then wanted me to send the cash from the money order thru walmart to her movers. I played along and told her I was being questioned by walmart security and law enforcement and she is still trying to get me to send her $995 that she thinks I got from my bank where she thinks i cashed the check.

I am not that naive, and of course I cant call her cause shes deaf, can only text lol

Reporting it all to authorities, as well as usps and

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Apr 17, 2020
by: Anonymous

Also was scammed through I received the same email as the others have posted asking for personal info along with the nearest Walmart, bank info, age, etc. I was really freaked out by this and just wanted to share in hopes that someone else doesn't fall for this.
Big red flag for me was the phone number was from "TextNow" and not an actual phone.

The names were all different too! The sitter account was different than the email address, which was different than the named signed at the bottom. Billy has been consistent though.

Good luck, stay safe!

Mar 13, 2020
She scammed me too
by: Anonymous

She scammed me with the same thing asking for my closest Walmart and then asking for my info such as name, address and if i have a working bank account.

I thought this was real until I saw she also said to you guys she is moving from Boston into my neighborhood.

Mar 02, 2020
by: Anonymous

The same women had just contacted me today about a job on She asked where my closest walmart was and if i had a bank account. She also told me she could not call me because she just had throat surgery and she is coming from Boston. That she had a son and also needs help with furniture arrangement. Its a scam. Be careful out there everyone.

Here is a copy of what she sent me:

Thank you for responding and am glad am able to send you an email. Am currently in Boston but i should be arriving in two weeks and like you know I will be needing a pet sitter for Billy immediately depending on what time you will be available and hours. I will also need you for one or two errands to help me go to the grocery store, do some shopping for myself and Son because my Son is just two years old and i really want to give him the very best of care and tenderness, also you be helping me make arrangement for the furniture and interior decor for our new house which this is going to be your first errand. Am trying to make this as detailed as possible so we don’t have to go back and forth so am apparently looking at 4 or 5days per week for both pet sitting and errands so please let me know if it will be convenient for you.

Regarding your first errand which I will pay you separately because I will need to get some things fixed before I move down, like the furniture bills and some little stuffs(Mind you it's just a flexible and simple errands,I really need a honest and responsible person to be precise). This could be a temporary/permanent job depending on your own schedule.. We are moving to a new house that I need to fix some interior and get furniture we bought from the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES(UAE) and have also contacted the furniture company but i should let you know as soon as we finalize the details.. Here is a little about me though: I am a single mother,34 years old. I have lived in Phoenix, AZ before. I attended Arizona School for the Nursing, where I achieved my highest qualification. I worked as a member of the Boston Neighborhood Center(BNC). Am a single Mom, I attend the catholic church. You will get to know more about me when we eventually meet.

So i would need answers to the few questions below and am also attaching some pictures of myself and Billy :) .

1) Can you drive?

2) Do you have any criminal records? Doesn't really matters to me as long as you have learn from your past mistakes, I'm ready to give you a chance.

3) What is the address of the closest Walmart to you ?

4) Total charges for the hours

5) How old are you ?

6) How long have you been a pet sitter?

7) Do you have a working bank account(Not requesting your bank details though)?

Thanks and i really hope to hear from you asap..


Feb 17, 2020
by: Anonymous

Yup, just had this same woman contact me through Just had throat surgery, saying she was moving to a house about 10 mins from where I live. Asked me all kinds of stuff about the Walmart, my age, my address.

Then she started asking me about sending me a check which is when I decided to look more into this lady. Thank god I did.


Feb 15, 2020
Suzy or Suan or Suzanne
by: Anonymous

Beware of this Scammer, just had her try to contact me on same MO: moving needing help securing furniture, and eventually help with her pet (HA), wanted a lot of personal information about how old I was, bank account info, and where the nearest Walmart was to me and also said she just had "throat surgery" so she couldn’t talk on the phone.

Luckily I spotted this pretty quick. Total scam. She also went by Suzy at first so beware of different alias.’

Aug 02, 2019
Scammed by Susan
by: Anonymous

Hi Corina! I’m really worried I think I got scammed by Susan. But I did sent her the money orders. What do you think I can do??

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