Scam Websites

The Internet is full of scam websites. The headlines scream out at you that they can make you rich overnight by sharing their 'secret' with you.

There are sites that say "I am rich and you aren't" but for a special, low price, these internet gurus will show you how its done!

You will see checks or ClickBank statements [with names blacked out] supposedly showing huge incomes, if you start to read the sales pitch. They will explain how they were down to their last dollar and then found the secret to overnight success.

Or they paid lots of money and tried dozens of internet programs until they hit it big with this program that 'really works'!

It might be 'review' sites that involves the owner stating they have tried all the get-rich-schemes or work at home programs, and 98% don't work, but here are the few that do work!

Whatever the approach is, the goal is to get you to part with your money!

Red Flags To Avoid Scam Websites

  • Exaggerated claims. A sure sign of scam websites is the claims that you can make $300 for 30 minutes work a day, or "The secret to Internet riches", or 'no experience needed, yet make $1,000 a day..."
  • No details. The site advertises a fantastic system or program that will make all your dreams come true - but provides no detail about what it is or how it works. You may even need to pay a fee to get further information
  • Free eBooks, CD's or reports, but you have to provide your credit card details to cover the shipping charges. The small print [that hardly anyone reads] usually gives them the authority to deduct other charges for other programs/information. This link shows an example of how credit cards were exploited and relates to the scam in the point below
  • Re-direction from the original site or multiple sites all looking the same. Be wary of sites requesting your details such as credit card, name, email etc. See this report about scam websites that shows multiple websites supposedly about the same person who became an internet success, but have different photos of the person

How to Avoid Scam Websites

scam websites
  • The Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission offer more information about avoiding scam websites, and they also provide information on ways to verify offers and file complaints. Your state attorney general's office might also have specific or general information about Internet business opportunity scams and offer an avenue to file complaints
  • Go to (provided by MacAfee) and type or paste the website address [e.g.] there and push "GO." MacAfee will analyse the website so you can make an informed decision.
  • Carry out a web search using the name of the product or business along with the term 'scam' added on  as well as going to the website and read if there are complaints against a company or website you are suspicious about
  • To avoid scam websites, you may want to consider starting your own business, however if you don't know how, the U.S. Small Business Administration provides free information and resources for starting up a business from scratch. Additionally, the Business Resource offer loads of advice for starting a business, including a home-based business
  • If you have been the victim of a scam already, you can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • To report a fraudulent business proposal in the United States contact: U.S. Secret Service
    Financial Crimes Division
    1800 G Street, NW
    Room 942
    Washington, DC 20223 Phone: (202) 435–5850 Fax: (202) 435–5031

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