Romance Box Scam

by Anonymous

I was scammed by 2 oil rig engineers during the past 6 months. It is a long story to tell .One of them is a romance and box scam. I was contacted by an UK oil rig engineer from face book. He said that he fell in love with me very quickly and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. But he had a box of money deposited in a security company 6 years ago when he divorced his wife and did not want her to get a share. The box had several millions of USD basically from inheritance and contract money. He promised to wire transfer it to me, for helping to buy a real estate investment. After he went for an offshore job in Mexico, I suddenly received an email that the box was on a flight to my US address.

You can guess they asked for money for transportation. In the beginning, they asked for $28,000 for a diplomat transportation fee. That man begged me to pay for it because it was his lifelong savings and did not want to be confiscated by the US airport customs. Finally, I was stupid to pay for the first $28,000 and then they came to ask me for a Anti money laundering certificate requirement of $32,000 payment. I told him that I don’t have that money. Then he asked his daughter to pay for part of it (but the receipt he sent to me is very fishy). So I ended up paying another $20,000. Totally I paid $48,000 from a bank credit line, hoping that it will be delivered to my door. But suddenly, another email came in and said the box had gone missing in Beijing China. The Chinese government wanted me to pay another $32,000 transit tax. I finally knew that it was a 100 percent scam. So I ignored and refused to pay and now they said the box is in Malaysia.

I told everything to my friends and family member. So finally we got some legal way to claim back the $48,000 that I had paid for but I cannot disclose how I did it because they may be reading it too.

So ladies, don’t completely lose hope. Where there is a will, there is a way. Those scammers are very professional as they are international criminals.

Good Luck!

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Jan 14, 2018
Box scam
by: Anonymous

Glad you got it back!!!

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