Petrol chemical engineer

by Vivien

Hello Ladies, I am European and I live in Germany. I am a victim of a romance scam too.

Please excuse my English, it is not perfect, but I try to write as good as I can.

The name of my Scammer is Wilger Cary. He claimed to be from Jacksonville, Florida. I fell in love with his gorgeous looking pictures he sent me and I believed all he told me. I was a fool to send him money!

I went to the police now that I know that I am a victim of fraud, but the police in Germany does not give me any hope to get help to find this criminal. I am desperate because I want to find this man. I want him to be punished. I'm sure that I'm not his only victim he has. And he still continues to scam other women all over the world.

I'd like to know if there is another woman who knows this name. I want to get in touch with her.

Thank you!

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