Patricia W

by Patricia W

Please everyone stop giveing these people money. I myself have been scammed but didn't lose a lot of money and paid for a cellphone. But stop giving these people money. There is a woman in Indiana that was put in jail for giving out her banking information and he told her that he was putting $28000 in her bank account to pay for documents to get millions and he defrauded the bank for that money.

The bank wanted their money back and she didn't have it. Her family tried to get the money but could not.

The bank filed charges against her. The Judge told her she knew better then give out her banking information. And now she is in her 60s and has to serve 5 years.

The law in this country is not going to help you. They will hold you Responsible. These people have people right in this country that help because a lot of them dont know Western ways and can't speak the language so they have relatives and friends and people they know that have immigrated to this country to help them.


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