Part 2 of 2 Story of Oil Rig Engineer - South Florida

by Heartbroken in Fort Lauderdale
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida )

South Florida Oil Rig Engineer Met on

This is part 2 of 2 of my story of what happen to me Oil Rig Engineer - - South Florida

Then he tells me if I go get an Itunes Card that he can use that for cellular minutes. I don’t know anything about ITunes Cards other than my kids use them. I respond back, well if you don’t have internet how can you use the iTunes card? He never answered me and lost cell connection. I told him I have no money at best I could do $20 and I don’t know where to purchase. He tells me Walmart. I never bothered and told him a few days later I used the $20 for Gas in my car. He then tells me he needs a $300 Itune Gift Card and I told him none of that was possible.

We continued to text back and forth with some loving messages and other messages that I should borrow monies from everyone I know so he can come home to me. I told him I asked everyone I know, but I was lying so I deflected back to him what is your plan? You cant just sit there on the Oil Rig hoping someone is going to send you $15k to have the supplies shipped.

He then told me to look online for loans. I remembered his condo in Hallandale, and I told him I could get a hard money lender quickly, but then the story changed, that I misunderstood that it was his friend’s condo he was living at. That did not sit well with me, for we specifically talked about the realtor who helped him with the condo.

He pressed me to get this hard money loan taken out on my home and I said not possible, is held jointly with my ex-husband. He goes back to get a loan on my car and thought odd, why doesn't he mention his own car? His profile stated he did well financially but yet he does not have a bank account here in Florida? In all honesty, this just goes to show you how VULNERABLE I was because the RED FLAGS WERE WAVING.

I thought to myself why does he not believe me. I thought I will just tell him that everything I have is held jointly with my ex-husband and there is nothing I can do. That took the pressure off for a little while then he bought it back up again. He even said, you are a Realtor you know how to do this! I said "Not Possible" you are referring to Fraud and that is a crime. He backed down and we resumed sweet messages all the while stating he didn't know what he was going to do. He wanted to come home and that his reputation would be destroyed if the job was not completed.

I was just glad he stopped asking me for money. Then I don’t hear from him for like 5 days and he messages me sweetly, “Hey Baby” and I am so excited to hear from him and he attacks me, stating that I have failed him. I respond back all this is not my Fault and why are you blaming me for things I have no control over. I said I am the woman you Loved before this Error was discovered and we need to work thru this and in the future we will have precautions in place so this never happens again. I told him I am a very good planner. The sweet messages were slowing down and I was becoming discouraged.

Then my girlfriend a day or two later sends me the link to “Oil Rig Engineer for
Dating Scam” & I thought to myself, No Way! I am an intelligent woman. No Way!! But I know I must read this, My girlfriend spelled it all out plain as day, an ENTIRE FIELD OF RED FLAGS! I had become one of those Stupid Gullible Woman you read about and hear about that get scammed. Then I think, well I will read this and take comfort that surely this is not the case for me.

For this man who loved me and would love my children was real. We prayed together each night when cell service permitted. I was already living my "Fairy Tale Dream of a Future with this Man".

The moment I read the comments on "Itune" Gift Card my heart sank and tears swelled in my eyes!!! While I did attempt researching this man I loved, I never did find anything and as a Realtor we know exactly how to track down buyers and sellers. Now I am reading all the comments and I know exactly what I have to do. Something I should have done before but I was too happy planning my happy future with this man.

The two things I can trace was the existence of the Steel Company in China and the Bank in the United Kingdom. I call and ask who holds the domain for the Steel Company,

They tell me it is held with another Registrar by the name of: I said OMG what did you just say, Name ? The Go Daddy Rep told this was a legit Registry Company but let’s be serious… This Big Steel Manufacturing Company used a Registrar Company by name of: “Name”? I knew at the moment I was a victim and my body was shaking.

I contacted Name who has no phone # to reach customer service, Bad, Bad Sign. They only have "Website Chat". I ask who is the owner of the steel company website and how long has that been in existence. They give limited information and that is when I asked the next question. Is you Registration Company for the Bank in United Kingdom with the bank domain name: , the answer was YES, OMG!

I think my legs literally gave out and I hit the ground hard. I have been taken advantage of by this man who I believed loved me and wanted to share a life with me was nothing more than a “Predator”. I am freaking out. I copy the bank address from the website into google search and up comes "aa419 Fake Site View". I type the website into my Chrome Browser that was opened, and my entire Screen turns RED with DECEPTIVE SITE AHEAD, ATTACKERS ON SUISCAPITAL.COM MAY TRICK YOU INTO DOING.

Now I know why this man insisted I used Microsoft Edge for my internet browser. Microsoft Edge does not display attachments in domain websites, Microsoft Chrome does.

Here I sit so heartbroken, I am exactly like those same pathetic people I have no sympathy for. I have no one to blame but myself. There were so many RED FLAGS, I just did not want to believe anything would ruin my "Fairy Tale Man of My Dreams". I am grateful beyond words for my Girlfriend! I am grateful for the existence of this site Watch For Scams, Oil Rig Engineer for Dating Scams ED: thank you

I notified I see that is a haven for Scammers along with so many other dating sites.

I am lucky that I never sent money or anything else. Things could have been a whole lot worse, all I wanted was to fall in love and be loved.

I hope sharing what happen to me will help others

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Feb 12, 2019
Oil Rig Engineer - South Florida
by: Anonymous

PLEASE PLEASE do NOT feel guilty!!! You were one of the lucky ones and you got away without paying ANY money. Some of us weren't that lucky, not because we're gullible, desperate, or don't quite see the red flags that are so often there.

We have a good heart and believe!!! These scammers are so slick, they have things in place long before they talk to you. Sure it starts off sweet enough, then little by little they add to their story, and the next thing is they need YOU (US) to "help" them with whatever they conjure up. I also had similar experiences in 2018, lost in total $4,800 because I truly thought the guy was real and wanted to be with me. Nothing but complete fabrication and lies. Met him ALSO on

In all, I dealt with 8 scammers, but after #1 I knew what to look for with the reg flags thanks to this site. I started communicating with a man I met on the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB). Thought "hey he lives local to me, nice looking, but I DID miss the ONE flag: his listed occupation is a "project manager for home builders".

STUPID ME. Conversed a couple of days, next thing I know he's on a plane to New York for a seminar for a few days. When I ask him how long he'll be gone, he says "until next week until I see if I win the contract I'm bidding on". WHAT?

Told him I've never heard of a seminar doing such a thing. He proceeded to tell me yes it's how they award contracts to independent contractors and if he won he'd be out of state for up to 2 months. I decided to "play along" for just a bit longer to see how far he'd carry it.

Well you guessed it. he texts me Sunday to tell me he's in New York till Thursday and if he wins the bid he'll be flying to arrive onsite to start work on Monday. I ask him which state, and low and behold, he says "Cyprus".

I almost passed out. I wrote back "Cyprus isn't a state". He then goes on to tell me he'd already explained it all to me, and I shot back "no you OBVIOUSLY explained all that to the OTHER women you're trying to scam!!". HE said he had to go and I BLOCKED HIM.

Done, over, finished. Red flags were there but we always feel "not another one" and "it can't be". We just have to watch out for them. In reading everyone else's stories, you'll see all the common red flags these losers use. I've learned to be wary of the dating sites and follow your gut instinct.

In not giving any money to them--YOU WIN!!!

Feb 12, 2019
Glad that you got away without paying anything
by: Anonymous

This guy was clearly a scammer.

In that he worked a far away job. Demanded money for things that made not much sense. Probably got you invested into the relationship much too quickly. I hope that you got away from this unscathed. There are some nasty people out there.

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