Part 1 of 2 Story of Oil Rig Engineer - South Florida

by Heartbroken in Fort Lauderdale Florida
(Fort Lauderdale , Florida )

South Florida Oil Rig Engineer Met on

This is a detailed account of what happen to me. [Because my story exceeds 10k word limit, this is part 1 of 2 of What Happen to Me. Please read part 2 of 2}

I will also be posting on my Blog, in hopes of helping other people as well.

We Met thru using the name of Alfred Hansen from Bergen Norway, phone # 315-828-0682 and email: I would later learn that this phone # is known as Google Voice VOip

This man stated he has been in the states for about 10 years. Was married 10 years and divorced 10 years with no children of his own. He told me everything I wanted to hear, So kind, So Loving. I thought we were moving too fast and he would reply we were destined. He told me he prayed for 2 years for God to send him a Godly Woman and he was convinced it was me. My profile stated I go to Church. He told me he was a Christian man and when I asked him what church he goes to he gave me a catholic church that was far away from where he said he lived. But I thought, what do I know maybe he travels that far for church.

Then a few days later he had to fly to San Francisco to prepare for an Oil Rig Engineer Contract he was presenting so we were unable to meet. On day 4 he told me he won the bid and was flying directly to Alaska. I thought odd; you traveled to California with all your gear, luggage, and enough warm clothing not knowing you would win the bid? He told me he is always prepared, I thought Ok… That truly should have been the moment I realized something didn't smell right, but he was so loving!!! Everything I wanted to hear.

When he arrived, Cell service was limited to Text Only and Internet Service down. Thought odd, but hey what do I know. Many more very Sweet loving conversations continued for weeks and then he needed to order supplies. He said he had two phones and lost one the first day he was there. So the only phone he had he could not send me pictures. I wanted to see what it looked like on the oil rig. I thought well that is disappointing, but whatever.

He then tells me he needs my help to place an order via email with a Steel Company in China, Hiengi Steel, I said no problem, happy to help. I email the Steel Company whose website looked very legit and placed an order for +1M in materials. Few days later Steel company emails me back the quote and instructions for payment. I didn't feel comfortable and thought you must know someone else to do this and he replied He "Trusted Me". I thought to myself, if he trusts to give me his personal bank information that this Love must be real. Why was ignoring the RED FLAG that was waving to me ?

I thought it was odd that his personal bank account was funding this, wouldn’t the corporation provide the monies for materials? But often my questions were not answered as he would message me a few hours later, stating he lost service again. RED FLAG...???

He tells me to specifically use the internet browser of Microsoft Edge only that it is most secure and I said Ok, I use Microsoft Chrome but hey what did I know? So he gives me the Bank information out of United Kingdom of a Suis Capital Bank, located in Liverpool United Kingdom. He gives me log in information, pin numbers, password, tax id#, mother maiden name. The Bank Website looks very legit as did the security steps necessary in order to transfer monies

Now it is time
to pay for shipping $160k. He only has $50k and tells me something is wrong. He tells me he needs to borrow monies and needs my help. Within the next few days he did receive $145k that was deposited into his account from his brother, friends and his relationship officer from the bank, but now he is short $15k

He starts pressing me for $15k for what I thought was odd because he was aware of my financial situation and how horrible my ex-husband was. He then presses me to take a loan against my house, my car, tells me to sell my jewelry. I said why do you think I have jewelry? He responded all women have jewelry and I told him my ex-husband took all my jewelry. From time to time he would ask me if I was home and I thought to myself, that is odd, why he is asking me if I am home. He is 5k miles away in Anchorage Alaska?

He told me about his dog King, a chihuahua he sent me a picture. I thought the dog looked pretty big for a Chihauhau but what did I know? He told me the neighbor’s son loves King so he always stays with them when he is away. So I have this nice thought I am going to go visit King and take a picture of him with me. Here comes that Glaring “RED FLAGS” again! He tells me the neighbors are out of town and took King with them. I said that doesn’t make any sense, you board an animal they don’t go on vacation. This man obviously was aware of my skepticism and then suddenly their is enough Cellular Service that he calls me and we speak together. He has an accept that I assume is Norwegian and here comes the charm and even though I knew it didn’t add up I thought to myself who am I to Judge and not believe this man? Someone should have grabbed one of those RED FLAGS and hit me on the head.

He kept pressing me to get monies. He told me he had friend that agreed to send $5k and wanted to send to me and I thought does he not just wire to you directly like your other friends did. He said the friend could not wire and I told him where does he live I can go to him and help do a Western Union. He then told me lived out of state. I asked repeatedly for the phone number thinking I could walk him thru on how to do a Western Union Transfer, most grocery stores can do this for you. He never responded and then he said what bank do you use that the friend could send to me and I would then forward to the Shipping Company. He asked if I used Bank of America. I said no and something inside me knew this was not right. Then the friend's wife said they changed their mind and are no longer able to give $5k.

A day or two goes by and then he told me he was worried he would run out of minutes on his cell service and didn't want to lose connection with me. I am thinking well this doesn't make a lot of sense, how could you not be better prepared that in 1 month time you would have no more minutes. You told me you are always prepared. I told him well what do you want me to do with the Steel Company if they email me back about the $15k? He did not like that at all stating he couldn't believe I didn't want to talk to him. I replied it is more important for him to take care of business than to talk to me.

Please read Part 2 of 2 of my Story Oil Rig Engineer - South Florida

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May 10, 2021
I was scammed close over 900,000 Canadian dollars by a fake oil rig engineer
by: Anonymous

I was scammed by a fake oil rig engineer from Las Vegas whose name is Ray Logan ( he has strong European accent but he claimed coming from Luxembourg and his pictures were from a polish politician Piotr Boyrs. Reading your stories I saw myself and there were so many red flags but I didn’t stop helping him. One day I’m going to write out the stories as it was so dramatic but cruel and I was so naive in trusting him. But one thing I acknowledged that he was such a good liar when he told the lies he made it sound so true. I bet he graduated from a psychology training program in how to scam women who fall in love with men. He faked in a ventilator with Covid in Malaysia where he worked on a condo project and he got a Chinese nurse called me as he couldn’t talk and I sent my bank cards to help him.. He met me right before my mom went to ER then died in a week . I sold my mom’s condo and he knew I got money. But I am a single mom with three young kids and I was even using my kids’ saving money to help his fake projects in Canada and got the chopper service he asked to take him out of the island he worked nearby Gulf of Mexico. He knew everything about my hard life but still lied to get all my money. I used my RRSP savings to help him. Every step I did for him was so hard and I thought if he was a true man he wouldn’t scam me. He is the cruelest creature in this universe. I grew up in an environment all nice people around me but my experience with him changed me view to this world. I want him to get caught one day and got punished hardly.

Apr 30, 2020
Bold withe guy with accent Tampa FL
by: Anonymous

he looks the same way that this guy Andrew did with me

Feb 12, 2019
Sounds fraudulent
by: Anonymous

Definitely sounds like a scammer. Avoid at all costs.

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