Online maeserk 3rd officer dating scam-Thomas Eric Doble

by Nomorebs

Moved to google hangouts. He professed his love. Pictures was of an younger Fair skinned man in Maersk uniform. Reverse image search results negative for a web match.

Said was an orphan who was born in the US, Bronx to be exact. Lived in the Amazing Grace orphanage in NYC. When Google the address it's some shop with graffiti all over the place. Plus foster care replaced orphanages in the US decades ago. It has some number attached but I bet it's a call center for the scammers.

Works on a Maersk ship in the 'high seas' near Denmark. Asked first for iTunes giftcard for phone. I said no. Then asked me for my Netflix login info. Again no. I asked for a video chat and he called me and definitely sounded west African not American.

Then called with video chat and was A dark screen. Said it was because it's dark. Lmfao!

I couldn't take it anymore so I had to call BS.

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