Online Dating Scammer

He goes by the name of Edward Micheal from England. He tells you he is a petroleum engineer with his own business in safety.

Next comes a scenario of obtaining contracts through the Commonwealth. For me there were three he was working on - Africa, Canada, and Singapore. Just so happens I live in one of those countries, so waited for the outcome. Africa was first. Suddenly all his staff deserted him once he left England, and his hotel payment was "lost in space" due to poor internet connections.

He asked for money, I said I didnt have any to send him and he dropped it for awhile after making me feel hugely guilty. Then about two weeks later when he was supposed to be finishing up - the equipment that was to be shipped from England was held in port due to changes in shipping laws.

He asked for money again. Enter Mr. Micheal Bunger with Airpost International. I was supposed to send the money to him. Everything looks legitimate - from the website to emails. But because Edward Micheal cannot access his accounts or contact Mr. Bunger by email, was asked to do it on his behalf.

Everything I checked from the internet issues in Africa to the website for Airpost International seemed to support his claim. But I did notice a lot of discrepancies in the website and attempted to contact the "info" email on the site with no response.

His original contract was to be 30 days, at sixty days he was still asking me to send money to Mr. Bunger. I have family in engineering though and they suggested I send their email address to Mr. Micheal advising the possibility of a contract with their company.

My family member felt that if Mr. Micheal was an honest businessman he would contact them. Not only did Mr. Micheal not contact my family member - he stopped speaking to me completely after I sent him the information.

It is really hard to detect online scams - but I am certain he was scamming me. What bothers me is the "accomplice" Mr. Bunger - I learned not to trust websites on the net as well. Make sure you look very closely.

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Aug 22, 2011
Edward Micheal - Scam
by: Anonymous

I have just gone through the same thing with Edward Micheal. My suspicions started at the point of Mr Bunger becoming part of the equation and after that nothing added up.

No name was given for the hotel he was in, the speed at which a flight was found, no contacts or friends to associate with, the use of money grams for transfer of funds, receipents address not real, neither was Mr Bunger's business address.

My thoughts were Mr Micheal Bunger and Edward Micheal are one and the same.

Aug 11, 2011
Also scammed by edward micheal
by: Anonymous

He did exactly the same to me too. He emailed me for several months and then started up chat messags when he was in "Africa".

Next he asked me if I could send emails on his behalf to "Mr Bunger" who then discussed equipment being held up in port. Next came the request for money. I refused and he retracted his request saying he'd made a mistake.

He spun me a yarn so big I nearly fell for it. I am really gutted by what has happened. It has shaken my confidence in men bigtime!

Jul 30, 2011
Dam scammers
by: Anonymous

What you did was right.

The scammers work alongside each other - one being the scammer and the one sitting next to him on a computer is the accomplice.

They build good looking websites by just copying existing websites - then take them down after a few weeks/months when they have done their job.

They have all the excuses under the sun for why they need money - but its always the same. You are the only one who can help them, or they will pay you back once their money is freed up!!!

DONT send anyone money you haven't met.

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