Online Dating Scam Tyler Lavigne

by Debbie

Took place on Zoosk dating website. Met a guy I was communicating with (59 years old) who went by the name of Tyler Lavigne who said he worked for the UN and sometimes is called out of town for long periods of time due to his work. Said he was an orthopedic surgeon who worked with doctors without boarders for the UN and before we got a chance to meet he was sent to Syria for 7 weeks.

Couldn’t find any info about him online since working for the UN everything about you is kept confidential. We continued to communicate, and he even sent a photo of him on a private jet to Syria supposedly with other doctors and other photo which of course none were of him.

He had a French accent, said he was born in Utah but since his father was in the service and his mom was from France, he spent most of his time growing up in France. Went to Yale medical school, came across as one of those guys too good to be true.

Communicated for 8 weeks through phone, text and email and he totally stole my heart.

Put in for leave after 5 weeks saying he feared for his life and didn’t want his son who was 21 and lived in France with his 82 year old father to become an orphan. His wife died 8 years ago from cancer. He had asked me to be his girlfriend and wrote a letter to the UN saying that and gave the UN some other reasons he needed to get home.

Even the UN site he told me to download from looked legitimate. Fake UN letter sent to me saying to deposit $6,123.00 into a Wells Fargo account and they would then send me his flight info back to NY. Since he was taking leave, you have to pay to get home yourself.

All lies.

Supposedly he couldn’t send the money since he had fraudulent activity on his credit card and his accounts were locked until he could get home and straighten it out. That made no sense to me. I called him out on it, sent no money and that was the end of our communication.

I Notified the dating website, official UN site and MSF (Doctors without Boarders).

Be careful. These guys are great at gaining your trust.

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Jun 18, 2018
What does he look like??
by: Anonymous

I have a father named Tyler Lavigne and im his daughter, I haven't seen him in 5 years and he is a scumbag so this sounds a lot like him. Thank you. His full name is Tyler Francis Lavigne his birthday is September 26.

Oct 10, 2017
Tyler Lavigne
by: Cynthia

I am so Proud of you checking and verify all the information. You did the right thing and did not send any money.

The number one priority for these scammers is to get get 💰.

Everyone in their family is dead and the wives all have cancer or died in a car accident. It is best whenever someone talks to me and says anything about being a Dr or any type of Engineer I delete them immediately.

Do not waste your time as it will lead to them asking for 💰 money.

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