Oil rig scammers

by Survivor

Hi all, firstly and most importantly we all survived these people, well done you :) now my story began with me feeling a little lonely so started a account with a well know dating site, Over the time I was on the site 7 different nationality's tried scamming me, thank god I had a friend who is a rigger and he gave me some very good information about " life as a rigger".

They are very well looked after from the minute they board the plane to get to the helicopter to get them to the rig safely, they NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING whilst on the rig, food, showers bedding everything is FREE so never believe they have anything to pay for, even the internet is free. :)

So yes 7 times but without losing a penny, it's quite heart breaking knowing these scammers exist as there are good and honest riggers out there, the last one nearly got me but thanks to my good friend it all went pear shaped for him.

Be aware of the Steam Card scam, where they ask you to buy one and send them the information from it down the phone, the cards can be used in money laundering and my scammer said he needed the card to pay a chef to cook him special meals (yeah right). I checked with my good friend and he said some riggers do have some special requirements but its nothing any of the other chefs can't do.

Once I told my scammer I wasn't going to get a card for him the conversation went downhill pretty fast, he wasn't happy and the insults started, but by this stage I was ready to fire back some hometruths and I was blocked, done and dusted thank god :)

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