oil rig scammer Alan G. Edmondson

(Ontario, Canada)

I "met" Alan G. Edmondson through a dating site. For almost 2 months we communicated through personal email and phone. He said he had worked in Florida, Illinois, California and Tennessee where is also had a house and his daughter and 2 grandchildren live.

He came to Ontario, Canada for a contract job and joined match.com dating site. He said he was Hungarian but went to university in Ottawa. His accent wasn't too bad and since I'd never heard that accent before so I googled it and thought he was telling the truth. He said he was a mechanical engineer but his grammar wasn't great.

He had a way with words...fell in love with me very quickly etc. He sent me links to songs that he said could be "our" song. He talked about God and at Easter he said he got down on his knees, brought his bible with him etc. We never had a chance to meet because he was so busy and he lived 4 hours from me. He had 3 different emails:

alang Edmondson@aol.com alan@bluescopecon.com

After a month of corresponding he told me he got a huge contract with Shell for oil drilling in Seattle. He even sent me a picture of the contract that looked legitimate and was for over a million dollars. A week or so before the contract was to be completed he asked me to transfer money for him. Not my money but he gave me his personal banking
info and twice I transferred money to different banks with different beneficiaries for over half a million dollars.

Within days of his contract end date I tried to transfer another $61,000 for him. The transfer wouldn't go through because it said he had exceeded his limit for the month. Then the sob story of how he couldn't leave the rig to speak in person with the bank and he needed to get the money to pay for supplies to complete the job.

Finally he asked me for the money. I said no and asked why no one else could help him. My red flag went up as soon as he asked me to transfer money but since it wasn't my money I thought what could it hurt and he already had me wrapped up in what I thought was a too-good-to-be-true romance.

That should've been my first clue to walk away. Now I need to report him to match.com where we met and go to the police because I could be involved in money laundering.

I feel like a fool but at least I didn't lose any of my own money. Now I only have anger, hatred, disappointment, sadness, loss and will have a difficult time trusting anyone ever again. But most importantly it's opened my eyes and I try to look at it as a life lesson.

I hope he rots in hell and before he goes there I also hope he has the most miserable existence on earth!

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May 30, 2017
Similar story
by: Anonymous

Very familiar story, except, there were never conversations about money. Some of the details were different, he never claimed to be religious but the rest of his story was the same, daughter, 2 grandchildren in Tennessee, widower, where he came from, etc.

We spoke for about 3 months and then the correspondence just stopped about the time that I seen this report about him. If you reported him to Match.com, why is he still on there?

Why has Match.com not notified people that he has been in contact with?

May 06, 2017
Scammed too
by: Anonymous

+1 (226) 210-7311 - Here is the number I have been calling for this man also since march 25.
We met on match and the same story as the woman told happened to me.

I did not get into any banking with him and I have reported him to match

Apr 30, 2017
by: Anonymous

I was on Match as it seems a lot of scamming is on this site. Everyone is some type of engineer an it is a scam. If anyone ask for money or tell you that they love you within weeks please think twice.

Talk to people close to the area you live and it will make a big different in your life.

Do not send money to anyone.

Apr 30, 2017
Sadly, Welcome to the "Club"
by: Jean

Wow! You got a middle initial, and phone calls. Curious, didn't his voice/accent sound strange to you?

As I read your story the hairs on the back of my neck began to rise & bristle. THANK God you didn't send any of your money. And the police will have more evidence by filing a report, so you're in the clear.

Now it's time to heal. So stop beating yourself up (although it's been one month today that I found out and I'm still occasionaly beating myself for being so naive).

Remind yourself, often, that it wasn't "your Alan" after all. And as I've suggested to others, if it doesn't quite adhere to your broken heart, look up "Yahoo Boys" on Google.

That'll change your tune.

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