Oil rig scam

by Anoymous

Suggestion if you want to get them. They are not afraid to scam you they know they wont get caught. If you have sent them itunes cards you kept them for your records. Well say babe i got you a gift. Send them a pic of the numbers. Soon they will text an its been used. I say this because i caught on it was 25.00. I sent it and he said he didnt get it. Did he have me blocked. I will know in week or so and i kept texting you get card. No

response. When he finally did
i sent the same pic. Its not
working. Sorry im not buying
ever again. He got that card
he lied. He just wanted me to
Send another. No way never ever
again. They beg give em what
they want. Whats good for the
goose is good for Gander.

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Feb 10, 2019
About iTunes
by: Anonymous

Yes they did it to me saying it was used to get another one so I’m glad I called iTunes and they traced it to Nigeria and what time the funds were loaded and used. I got my money back from my bank too. Its just another scam they try on you to spend more money. Good topic for anyone being scammed with iTunes or gift cards.

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