Oil rig engineer in Gulf of Mexico

by Ellen

Travis Muller Howard, 56, originally from Munich, Germany. Moved to US in 1990. Wife died 5 years ago of colon cancer. Has a daughter, Lucy, age 16 a Junior in high school. They live in Austin, but she is with a nanny because he has been on a rig since last year.

Was supposed to come home in February, but couldn’t because of COVID. Needed to get back home by Dec 21, 2020 to sign a new contract with a different oil company that would net him 3 to 4 million dollars. He needed a letter to the current oil company requesting emergency leave.

Then he needed to pay for the helicopter to take him off the rig to Mexico and then would get a plane home. His funds were locked because his daughter’s friend had watched his daughter using his credit card for an online purchase and stolen the number, draining his acct of $10,000.

Therefore he didn’t use credit cards or online banking. It went on a bit longer. As ludicrous as all this sounds, I fell for it for a while, because he swept me off my feet. The last time I spoke to him I was waiting at an airport where I was (finally) supposed to meet him for the first time. We had been intimate online and he was referring to me as his fiancée. He didn’t show up and my heart was broken and still is actually.

A couple of hours later I got a call from someone claiming to be Agent Todd with the DEA telling me Travis Howard had been arrested for trying to board a plane with a bag containing drugs. Travis claimed he picked up the wrong bag, but needed a lawyer to fight the charges. “Agent Todd” is letting “Travis” use his phone periodically to text me to let me know what is going on.

Have you ever heard of cops doing that? I told him No. I have to turn off the tap and look out for myself. He is very good looking. Neat gray beard, brown eyes. A reverse searched the pics and they were unique. We even video chatted. Look out.

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