Oil rig dating scam

by Susan

Listen women I got scammed by one of the best.

Name John Washington, alias John Wayne, sounds like a lot of your guys.

Please submit any photos, emails, phone numbers anything you think may help us hang this guy and get him arrested. I want to meet my scammer in court!!!!

I will lead this because I am out $1553 due to my own stupidity. I want him to remember every dam dollar I will never see again. Not to mention the violation against us. I feel raped and abused and I want him now. If you do to, suck up the humiliation and joins me to get this scammer.

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Aug 06, 2019
Nick Mason
by: Anonymous

I too was scammed by Nick Mason. He told me the same story about how his wife and father were killed on the same day. Then after two weeks his mother suddenly died in Italy. He had one daughter who was in the military in Australia.

He said he worked for Vencore investment company which is not a real company. Even though they have a web page, all the numbers are fake
or disconnected. My daughter never trusted him. He would never FaceTime with me. Then he asked for my full legal name for some stocks. That's when the red flag went up.

Jul 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

I've learned that there are several red flags:

Widowed and their wife dies a horrible death
Their only child lives far away from them
They have no requirements for who they match with
They are going for 3 weeks to 2 months overseas
They can't spell and their grammar sucks
They want to spend the rest of their life with you within one week
They take their profile off immediately
If you talk to them they have some kind of foreign accent
If you talk to them about specifics of where they live like the Bay Area they don't know what you are talking about

Here's some names:
Billy Kieffer
Nick Mason - Vencore
Eric Fleishman

Jun 30, 2017
Don't get mad..get Even
by: Anonymous

A scam is a scam and once a scammer always a scammer..they all share a sad story of pain and despair. Some say they are oil rig, construction, civil engineer, doctors and various occupations that will take them on the infamous contract to game and fortune.

Be lucky the loss you took was minimal. At the end of the day we make a conscious decision to help these predators. I do my diligence by baiting them into a match. I do 2 or 3 matches at a time. I dont dont give money only my time to play them at there game. Its somewhat like chess predicting there next move or request.

I am currently engaged in a match that has been underway for 11 months. He has tried 3 different ways to get a pay out from me. Credit cards, calling cards and travel agency expenses. The Nigerian scam is intense they play hard ball with your emotions. I've received numerous gifts of flowers, candy and stuffed animals...and now a cheesy CZ promise ring..lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I don't know how long you endured your match. And I hope you find and get some satisfaction. There is very minimal recourse other then to file a report. There are agencies that investigate these online dating scammers.

My best to you, don't get mad....get even

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