Need an Opinion on This One!

by Barb
(Montvale, NJ, USA)

Greetings! Ok, so I was legitimately scammed 3 times. Well, almost. They were all textbook cases so I didn’t really get conned out of anything except I was rather hurt emotionally with one. And it angers me that I keep being targeted.

Anyway...I’ve met someone new and it’s totally different this time but I am SO wary of things now!! No typical warning signs have shown up so I wanted an opinion. I am going to keep things vague though because I feel so silly and in case I’m just being paranoid.

I met this guy on Tinder first of all, which I have not seen people mention that scammers are using. I can see why, it’s complete luck of the draw - if you don’t both swipe you don’t get to chat. It’s not like other sites where you can message anyone you want. So he was visiting family in my state but not that close by and was heading back Home and we had a hard time coordinating meeting.

He lives across the country, literally. Is 32, also unusual for a scammer. Has a VERY good job that is absolutely nothing even close to being an oil rig guy or “businessman.”

We just hit it off right away. We chat every day and it was ME who suggested we chat off the app, not him. And he was the one who asked me to send him a pic to make sure I was real lol. I did the same with him. So I will
admit it’s been really intense but I’m a pretty intense person. He doesn’t use weird phrases really. He even used the word “dope” yesterday describing something. We tried video chatting the other night but it seemed like my phone was having issues, hard to tell. I could hear him and not see him and he said the same for me and then it would disconnect.

We’ve totally gotten into a routine and I do love it. His job does call for strange hours. That is, if it’s real. That’s the thing. I can’t stop this nagging feeling. And I feel so guilty!!

The thing that bothers me the most is that I can’t find any evidence of him on the internet. BUT he said he wasn’t one for social media. I mean, is that weird??? I know plenty of people that don’t have Facebook. Also, he is not originally from the US. I won’t say where but it’s not Africa lol. It’s a safe European country and he came here for college. I also took all of the photos he’s sent me and put them through reverse image searches and nothing came up. That’s good, right????

So am I just being paranoid?? He is supposedly coming to visit me soon and we’re both super excited. He has NOT asked me for money, iTunes cards, nothing. And I’ve even casually mentioned I’m broke just to see how he reacts. lol. I feel like I’m crazy. And also feel like a jerk for doubting.

What do you guys think????

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Jul 30, 2019
by: Lori

I am dying to know what happened?
Was it legit? Is it still going on?

Mar 17, 2019
by: Anonymous

List to what your heart is telling you if you PAY ATTENTION. I kept having feelings of
doubt. In a few months it would be 2 yrs. He is
still stuck. Dating sites are full of criminals
so be careful. If EXCUSES to meet continue block
him. I had wall built around my heart
because of men. Finally I allowed the wall
To crumble now it's worse. Listen to your God
given INSTINCTS. He never leads you wrong.
Be Careful and Be Blessed.

Oct 08, 2017
Need opinion
by: Anonymous

I know 2 women that met a man on Tinder. He played all 3 of us but got caught through Facebook. This man is not from the US but supposedly works in the US on a work visa.

He is suppose to be originally from Ireland. I ran all his pics too and nothing showed up.

Oct 07, 2017
What i think
by: Anonymous

It really sounds 💯LEGIT but still be safe. These guys know that we know their game. So they maybe changing somethings. I had one who was a major in the army and he was using his military pictures then he started sending me pictures of the major that was in street wear and some army wear.

But I did a Reverse on the picture and it was no where on the internet. He used words like Dude . Sent texts of words that was his own. But never asked for money. But he asked about did I have a banking account and he had $4000 he will put in there and tell me were to send it. Then $1500 for a plane ticket for me to come to Afganistan to see him. That's were he is at.

I asked to see his military id. but was told he could not do that. It all started on dm. From Twitter then he ask for my cell phone number then he would text me from there. I did a Reverse number check and it was coming from a laptop.

The photo was of the major taken from iPhone. But the Strange thing is I kept pressing for more from him. Like call me or video call. Then he just stopped texting me.

He will not reply to my text. And we still follow each other on Twitter. Did not block. Still very Weird. When they know you found them out or think that they are scammers they get mad or block you Or Disappear. He has not.

So still be careful.

Oct 07, 2017
Barb/Need opinion
by: Anonymous

What is his name. I met someone like this on Twitter. He hasn't asked for anything either. Lives in the states. Nice looking. Age 36. Hope this isn't the same person.

I have that nagging feeling too.

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