military man

by antha
(dallas texas)

I was on facebook just browsing not doing anything really in particular just keeping up with some old friends when this man asked for a friend invite in his profile.

He is listed as a staff sargeant who trains recruits in some capacity or another. I was quite skeptical but he seemed to really post alot of life versus and funny antedotes so I figured lets friend him and see what happens.

I am glad I stayed a skeptic after about I say two weeks of only really talking about me he started to ask about the worth of my property and what I do for a living. I immediately told him that was none of his business so he apologized and we reached an understanding but he kept saying he loved me and wanted to come see me so I decided its time to expose what he really wants.

He kept asking me to help secure him a leave so he can come see me. I knew at that point he was going to ask for money. He told me the requirements for the leave from the military in which I would have to write a letter of leave and pay his expenses for travel to see me.

I told him as a rule I don't give money to people I've never met. He says don't you trust me and I said no, and don't facebook me again.

His name on facebook is Ripka Williams

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