by Valerie

I was contacted by a Latino woman on Day 1 after I posted my profile. She said her Cousin was a widow, lived near me and wanted to find love. The Cousin had never dated after years of being widowed (like me) and that he looked up my profile and photos.

I was the only one he was interested in, was too shy to post a profile and could I please send an email to him. She advised that she herself had found love on Match, wished him the same and was now going to go private and good luck.

I contacted this man. He was not Latino. Thinking, ok...I have had Filipino cousins through marriage and I am biggy. 4 days later and emails from him, that he has never dated because of the horrible loss of his wife from Breast cancer, did not want to start dating after all of these years, until now and is he is ready to profess his undying love.

He is a widow, aged 60. Photos provided were of him on a Golf Course and in front of some airplane. Pleasant looking man. Seems very educated, very well spoken, a Petroleum Engineer, raising his daughter after the loss of his wife after 19 years of marriage. Got his degree in Berlin, where his daughter is currently at boarding school there. Raised by his Grandparents.

He went on about his great attributes, what he wants in a marriage, his devastation at the loss of his wife and every flowery word you can think a woman wants to hear that I was perfect, his dream, etc.

Well, something didn't sit right with me. I started asking personal and basic questions this morning via email.
I got a very intimate prosy letter today saying that he just knew I was the one he wanted to spend his life with...yada...yada...he would respond to my requests regarding my questions regarding the area he lived in, more details on his job, prior employment, photos, family information soon.

But he was getting ready to take off to New York to complete a contract for his Petroleum business and would be gone for a while. When he returned, we could go out to dinner or coffee. He asked that I contact his personal business phone number starting from now at 281-231-8136.

It was a number hours away from where he said he lived. Well, I spent the .95 cents on to check that number out and it belongs to someone named Zinsheng Zheng.

This man professes that his name is Michael Neumann who lives in Waco, Texas. I checked Zillow on the address of this name and a very run down house appears. This is a man that claims to be tops in his profession, has done it for a number of years and traveled extensively.

A little bit of a financial issue came up today that it doesn't matter how much I make, it's not's all about the heart and working things out between one another....UH HUH.

I expect an email, like some of you that he will need something down the line. Think I am about to be had, but onto him.

I am very cautious.

My heart and my money has thankfully not been taken, thank God.

Comments? Anyone run into this person? Now I need to know if you all think this IS a scam, cut off all contact, let him know the gig is up?

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Feb 28, 2017
by: Sharon Henson

Valerie, I don't know when you posted this but I was curious if you could post pictures of the man you were sent? I was scammed recently, and did lose money and my heart. I was sent pictures of a nice looking man, in one he was playing golf.

Just curious if it is the same man. I posted the pictures of the man I received on this site too but under Nigerian dating scams. Steve Vig -Oil Rig Engineer. Maybe you could take a look and let me know. I didn't post the golf picture though.

I'm sorry that you went through this. You said you didn't lose your heart but it still had to be hard. Hope you are doing well.



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