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by Maria

Be very careful on these sites. The photo of the really good looking guy - probably fake. If he starts to message you keep your head, it's flattering to have an attractive man contact you, but trust the gut feelings.

They message at weird times, they don't reply for some time. After a few messages on the dating site messaging service they will ask to use WhatsApp, they don't want to launch their campaign until they have got you on there.

They are always either American or British with a background in Europe - Italian, Spanish, Dutch, this is so they can explain their weird accent if and when they do talk to you on the telephone. Which will always be an audio call through Viber or WhatsApp, never straight from their cell network.

There is ALWAYS a sob story such as wife has died, having to bring a child up alone. They will have a good job, scientist, engineer, doctor etc etc and some will say they are on one last job before they retire. Trigger words in their profile - soul mate, searching for their soul partner, commitment, looking for love, 'the one' etc etc.

If he sounds too good to be true...he's a fake scammer. Some take weeks before they strike, building up your trust, sending poetry, music, telling you everything you want to hear and in the process gradually taking all the information you have told them to use against you. Once the trust is built they launch into the terrible financial problem that has befallen them, project has gone wrong, accident, they need money.

Don't be sucked in ladies (and I'm sure this happens to men too). If a guy doesn't want to meet you within a week of chatting on a site or want to chat on the telephone, something is wrong. Put the flattery to one side and hit the block/delete button.

I promise it will save you a lot of heartache and humiliation. And NEVER send a compromising photo with your face in it. And let's spare a thought for the poor innocent guy who's photo and identity has been stolen and you have fallen for, it messes with your head, can't imagine what they feel like when/if they find out they've been used too.

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