Mary from facebook

by Mary Elizabeth ORourke
(Fort Kent,Maine USA)

I was on my Facebook high school site where I go every day and here comes a guy says he is a Dr. from Drs. on line. We talked for days and he courted and wooed me. I was taken in, but a little on guard.

Out of the blue he asked me for a $100.00 Itunes card. Let me tell you after 7 brain surgeries I am on SSI not SSDI. I told him that, but he persisted. I said okay how about $50.00. Well after his rage he agreed. I am level headed and I smelled a rat.I told him last night the card would be there. I told him this a.m. that my bank would not approve it and he called me a "liar". I thought this man was so in love with me. Forget it.

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